We are an RF / Microwave / Wireless Telecom Manufacturer for component, modules and systems.

Microwave Amplifiers 300 MHz to 96 GHz

We offer the widest range and best performance Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPA) in the world, extremely aggressive pricing structure.

•  Raditek SSPA Solid State Microwave Amplifiers are available from 300 MHz to 96 GHz
•  Bandwidth can be either Narrow or Wide Band and multi octave (dependent on frequency)
•  Power ranges from a mW to KW (milliwatts to Kilowatts)
•  CW (Continuous Wave) or Pulse Power
•  They are typically conductively cooled by mounting to a rack or a heat sink, Alternately they can be convection cooled by fitting to a heat sink, the cooling on this heat sink can be enhanced by a fan blowing air through it (known as forced air cooling) Water cooling options on higher power models

Microwave Amplifiers

300 MHz

RAMP-80-1000M-56d-Nf-500W-e7 80-1000MHz, 500 Watts
RAMP-80-1000M-57d-Nf-Nf-500W-(0-100%)duty-k5 80-1000MHz, 500 Watts
RAMP-R-80-1000M-57d(120-240VAC)-500W-d16 80-1000MHz, 500 Watts
RAMP-100-500M-56d-Nf-500W-e7 100-500MHz, 500 Watts
RAMP-100-500M-60d-Nf-1kW-e7 100-500MHz, 1 Kilowatt
RAMP-200-1000M-60d-Nf-1kW-50%-e7 200-1000MHz, 1 Kilowatt
RAMP-M-225-1000M-Sf-20d50V-150Wcw-opt-d16 225-1000MHz, 150 Watts, cw
RAMP-350M-55d-BNCf-5KW-t16 350MHz, ISM Band, 5 Kilowatts, other frequencies available
RAMP-R-250-1000M-Nf-53d(180-264VAC)-200W-Psat-CW-d16 250-1000MHz, 200 Watts Psat cw, Optional 200-370VDC
RAMP-429-455M-60d-Sf-Nf-AC-1kW-CW-Generic-k5 428-455MHz, Split Bands, 1 Kilowatt, cw
RAMP-470-1000M-60d-BNCf-1KW-t15 470-1000M, ISM Band, 1 Kilowatt
RAMP-500-2000M-45d-28V-Sf-Nf-100W-k2 500-2000MHz, 100 Watts
RAMP-500-2500M-50d-Sf-Nf-100W-h15 500-2500MHz, 100 Watts
RAMP-500-2500M-50d-Sf-100W-e7 500-2500MHz, 100 Watts
RAMP-700-1000M-Sf-67d220Vac-5kW-CW-d16 700-1000MHz, 5 Kilowatts (cw/pulse)
RAMP-800-2500M-52d-Nf-120W-e7 800-2500MHz, 120 Watts
RAMP-800-2500M-54d-Sf-125W-P3dB-g6 800-2500MHz, 125 Watts
RAMP-960-1240M-14d-Sf-125W-w17 960-1240MHz, 125 Watts Pulsed or Continous
RAMP-400-1200M-49d-Sf-Nf-50W-k2 400-1200MHz, 50 Watts
RAMP-470-940M-MS-20d40v-40W-w17 470-940MHz, 40 Watts
RAMP-800-3000M-47d-Sf-Nf-50W-k5 800-3000MHz, 50 Watts
RAMP-800-4200M-42d-Sf-15W-e7 800-4200MHz, 15 Watts
RAMP-800-4200M-46d-Nf-28W-ECO-o9 800-4200MHz, 28 Watts

>1 GHz

RAMP-80-1000M-57d-Nf-Nf-500W-(0-100%)duty-k5 80-1000MHz, 500 Watts
RAMP-1000-2000M-Sf-Nf-49d28V-80Wpul-d16 1000-2000MHz, 80 Watts
RAMP-1000-3000M-40d-Nf-10W-e7 1000-3000MHz, 10 Watts
RAMP-1200-1400M-44d-Sf-16W CW-e7 1200-1400MHz, 16 Watts
RAMP-1300-2700M-47d-Sf-Nf-50W-k2 1300-2700MHz, 50 Watts
RAMP-1500-4000M-45d-Sf-10W-Generic-k2 1500-4000MHz, Full or Split Bands, 10 Watts
RAMP-1800-4000M-45d-Sf-10W-k2 1800-4000MHz, 10 Watts
RAMP-2.0-6.0-Sf-Nf-50d28V-50Wpul-d16 2.0-6.0GHz, 50 Watts
RAMP-2-6-50d-28v-Nf-70W-w20 2-6GHz, 70 Watts
RAMP-2.5-6.0-40d-Sf-10W-e7 2.5-6.0GHz, 10 Watts
RAMP-2.5-6.0-54d-SMAf-50W-c20 2.5-6.0GHz, 50 Watts
RAMP-2.11-2.17-49d-Sf-Nf-30W-e7 2.11-2.17GHz, 30 Watts
RAMP-4-11-xd-28v-Nf-30-100W-w20 4-11GHz, 30-100 Watts
RAMP-6-18-xd-28v-Nf-25-50W-w20 6-18GHz, 25-50 Watts
RAMP-6.0-18.0-44d-SMAf-TNCf-50W-c20 6-18GHz, 50 Watts
RAMP-M-9.1-9.6-Sf-Nf-40d28V-10Wpul-d16 9.1-9.6GHz, 10 Watts (cw and pulse)