We are an RF / Microwave / Wireless Telecom Manufacturer for component, modules and systems.


SSPA Solid State Power Amplifiers ISM Bands

The industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio bands are radio bands reserved internationally for industrial, scientific and medical purposes other than telecommunications.

From miniature solutions to combining multiple modules to achieve high Powers. We offer state-of-the-art solutions for The ISM Bands ( Industrial, Scientific, and Medical)
Our Remote control interfacing includes Ethernet, SNMP provides a superior level of protection and monitoring
Industrial applications include; Timber Drying, heating, chemical vapor deposition, plasma
Scientific: X-rays Doppler measurements, particle accelerators / lilacs and physics
Medical: MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), Soft Tissue Ablation, and focused cyst heating to treat stage one and two cancer, isotopes, cyclotron. X-rays and nuclear medicine
Our Amplifiers have advanced thermal management including advanced thermal packaging
Our Customers include government, defense, university research labs, and commercial industries
The 900 MHz ISM band is very narrow and this limits the maximum data rates. Typically applications such as SCADA and RFID. It is better than 2.4 GHz frequency when obstructions such as trees and leaves causes path loss.
For home use and commercial business 2.4 GHz is the primary band one uses for WiFi, Bluetooth, cordless phone, printer, keyboard, mouse and gaming controller applications. Voice, video and data communications are typically used giving higher data rates up to 300 Mbps. Uses include microwave ovens, baby monitors, cordless phones etc.
The 5 GHz frequency is often used in commercial WiFi applications and as a backhaul link connecting two 2.4 GHz systems over some distance..

Amplifiers for use in ISM Band

RAMP-M-20-500M-40d-Sf-100W-L21 20-500 MHz, 100 Watts, Module Class AB
RAMP-20-500M-56d-Nf-500W-e7 20-500 MHz, 500 Watts
RAMP-20-500M-xd-Nf-500-1000W-Generic-t15 20-500 MHz, 500 Watts to 1 Kilowatt
RAMP-20-500M-60d-Nf-1kW-e7 20-500 MHz, 1 Kilowatt
RAMP-20-1000M-50d-Nf-100W-e7 20-1000 MHz, 100 Watts
RAMP-M-75-140M-43d-24V-Sf-10W-L21 75-140 MHz, 10 Watts
RAMP-80-1000M-57d-Nf-Nf-500W-(0-100%)duty-k5 80-1000 MHz, 500 Watts
RAMP-81.25M-xd-BNCf-4-6kW-t15 81.25 MHz, 4 to 6 Kilowatts
RAMP-100-500M-56d-Nf-500W-e7 100-500 MHz, 500 Watts
RAMP-100-500M-60d-Nf-1kW-e7 100-500 MHz, 1 Kilowatt
RAMP-162.5M-xd-BNCf-4-6kW-t15 162.5 MHz, 4 to 6 Kilowatts
RAMP-200-1000M-60d-Nf-1kW-50%-e7 200-1000 MHz, 1 Kilowatt
RAMP-M-225-1000M-Sf-20d50V-150Wcw-opt-d16 225-1000 MHz, 150 Watts, cw
RAMP-350M-55d-BNCf-5KW-t16 350 MHz, 5 Kilowatts, other frequencies available
RAMP-470-1000M-60d-BNCf-1KW-t15 470-1000 MHz, 1 Kilowatt
RAMP-M-910-920M-48d24V-Sf-60W-FM-L21 910-920 MHz, 60 Watts

For Medical Soft Cell Hyperthermia Cancer Treatment Systems. 4 x 200 Watt Modules, Can be Individual or Combined.