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SSPA Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) (Non-Satcom)

Low Noise Amplifiers

RLNA-0.1-27-xd-5-15V-Sf-R3-Generic-j18 0.1-27GHz Split Bands, 11-35 dB Gain, 5-15 Volts
RLNA-180-2000M-SMT 180-2000MHz, Surface Mount
RLNA-500-1000M-42d-12V-1W 500-1000MHz, 42 dBm, 12 Volts, 1 Watt
RLNA-1.4-2.4-28d-Sf-15V-g3 1.4-2.4GHz, 28 dB Gain, 15 Volts
RLNA-2.2-2.9-45d-Sf-15V-g3 2.2-2.9GHz, 45 dBm, 15 Volts
RLNA-8.0-18-35d-12V-Sf-1W-j18 8.0-18.0GHz, 35dB Gain and P1dB to 20dBm, 1 Watt
RLNA-30-40-2.5dNF-20d-12VDC-WR28-z21 30-40GHz, Full Band, 2.5 dB Noise Figure, WR8, 30 dB, 12 Volts
RLNA-50-86-WRxx-xd-12V-Generic-d11 50-86GHz, Split Bands, WR8, WR10, WR12 & WR15, 25-50 dB, 25 Volts