A Brief Introduction to Coaxial Couplers and Microwave Amplifiers

Normally sampling the output of an amplifier and providing a monitor port at reduced level, a directional coupler is an electronic element, which has become a virtually crucial measurement tool in microwave practice. Directional couplers come in two main types: such as the one mentioned above which would monitor the forward directional power and the dual directional couplers which in addition to measuring the forward power it measures the reverse power, They come in Waveguide and Coaxial types.

A Brief Intro to Coaxial Couplers

The coaxial coupler is the most fundamental electronic device used for observing the RF power in most systems and applications. For example, they find use in microwave systems and in various applications for monitoring the RF power. They are easy to use and can come handy for sampling power from a line without changing its features.

Role and Types of Amplifiers

Amplifiers are used in all electronic appliances, specifically, microwave amplifiers are effective in boosting the energy and power signal of a very low level received signal. On the transmit side they use state of the art power devices to create high power levels to transmit. Across all the industrial domains, microwave technology plays a crucial role for Satellite and Terrestrial communication and Radio and Television Distribution.

Four types of amplifiers are prominent. These include:

• Power Amplifier: It is higher Power as compared to the others and the signal is boosted for transference through the air.

• Driver Amplifiers: Used in local oscillators and in synthesizers

• Low Noise Amplifier: Used for low level signal reception.

• Linear Signal Amplifier: offers small signal gain with minimal distortion

Both these equipment are equally important to improvise communication over long distances. Make sure to buy them from a renowned manufacturers such as RADITEK for best results.