A Quick Inspection of Low noise Block Downconverters and Power Dividers

Mainly used for satellite downlink reception,an Low Noise Block Downconverters (LNB) is a device that is located at the focal point of a satellite dish antenna. The antennagathers the radio waves from the dish and then transforms them into a signal. The LNB is a mixture of components like a low noise amplifier, LNA a Block down converter and an intermediate frequency amplifier. The signal is then sent through a cable to a close by building where the indoor modem is present.

What does LNB indicate?

In the term Low Noise Block Downconverter, the word “low noise”refers to the quality of the first stage input amplifier device. Noise Temperature, Noise factor or Noise figure are the units in which the quality is measured. The reception of the LNB is indirectly proportional to the noise temperature, i.e., the LNB will have better reception if the noise temperature is low. SATCOM Communication bands LNB’s that are provided by RADITEK includeL, C, S, Ku,ka and V Band.

The word “Block” in LNB refers to the transformation of a block of microwave signals which are received and then down-converted into a lower scale of frequencies which can be easily handled by a standard modem or set-top box.

How a Power Divider works?

Power Divider is one of the most elementary components of electronic devices, widely used for the transmission as well as reception of radio waves. Used mainly in the field of radio technology this passive device divides an incoming signal into two or more output signals.When used in reverse, it can be used as a power combiner although, in practice, they have different functions and requirements. The word “divider”refers to the incoming signals being split evenly across all the different outputs. For instance,if there are four output ports, each of them will get -6dB in comparison to the input signal or in simpler words, about one-quarter of the input signal.

There are many different types and sub types of power dividers, such as Wilkinson Power Divider, reactive power divider, quadrate hybrid couplers. A special case uses directional couplers. This permits the uneven distribution of power. For example in one output port, only 5% of the signals with the other port, the remaining 95% of the signal. When choosing any kind of Power Divider, it is vital to contemplate the isolation and directivity. Raditek makes Power Dividers in both coaxial and waveguide configurations.

LNB is a device boarded on a satellite dish which amplifies microwave signals and converts the set of frequencies into a lower block of frequencies. A power divider is a device which divides and incoming signals into two or more output signals.