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A Brief Introduction to Coaxial Couplers and Microwave Amplifiers

Normally sampling the output of an amplifier and providing a monitor port at reduced level, a directional coupler is an electronic element, which has become a virtually crucial measurement tool in microwave practice. Directional couplers come in two main types: such as the one mentioned above which would monitor the forward directional power and the dual directional couplers which in addition to measuring the forward power it measures the reverse power, They come in Waveguide and Coaxial types.

A Brief Intro to Coaxial Couplers

The coaxial coupler is the most fundamental electronic device used for observing the RF power in most systems and applications. For example, they find use in microwave systems and in various applications for monitoring the RF power. They are easy to use and can come handy for sampling power from a line without changing its features.

Role and Types of Amplifiers

Amplifiers are used in all electronic appliances, specifically, microwave amplifiers are effective in boosting the energy and power signal of a very low level received signal. On the transmit side they use state of the art power devices to create high power levels to transmit. Across all the industrial domains, microwave technology plays a crucial role for Satellite and Terrestrial communication and Radio and Television Distribution.

Four types of amplifiers are prominent. These include:

• Power Amplifier: It is higher Power as compared to the others and the signal is boosted for transference through the air.

• Driver Amplifiers: Used in local oscillators and in synthesizers

• Low Noise Amplifier: Used for low level signal reception.

• Linear Signal Amplifier: offers small signal gain with minimal distortion

Both these equipment are equally important to improvise communication over long distances. Make sure to buy them from a renowned manufacturers such as RADITEK for best results.

The Role of Amplifiers and RF and Band Pass Filters in Advanced Communication

RF amplifiers and Band pass filters are quite common terms for people working in the field of electronics engineering. The fundamental use of radio frequency (RF) power amplifiers is to generate high power signals from alow power source. On the other side, the Band pass filter is a simple electronic device, which allows frequencies to pass within a pre-determined range and reject others outside the range. A Band pass filter is a combination of a high and low pass filter. Here is some more on both these equipment.

An Insight into Amplifiers

Coming to the amplifiers, these are specially designed to achieve certain goals like bandwidth, power output, heat dissipation, linearity, etc. These RF Amplifiers can be divided into five classes based on their internal design, i.e. from class A to class E.With class A the most linear. These amplifiers are used in GaN and GaAS designs, better known as solid-state devices. The most common application of an RF amplifier is to drive a transmitter antenna, to broadcast a signal. RADITEK designs and manufactures Amplifiers in the frequency range 1MHz to 100GHz

More on Band Pass Filter

The typical use of a Band pass filter is passing a wanted signal with minimal loss and attenuating g all others. If you search for a dual band-pass filter, you will find that it has two pass-bands thatare adjacent to a center frequency with minimal attenuation. Theoretically, a band-pass filter will have a flat pass –bands, which will attenuate every frequency outside of its pass-band. RADITEK designs and manufactures Band pass filters in Microstrip, Stripline, Coaxial and Waveguide formats.

However, practically it is hard to find an ideal band-pass filter, as they don’t attenuate every frequency outside the desired pass-band. The area between the pass and reject bands is known as the skirt area. Ideally the skirt is a short transition,, this is achieved by adding additional filter elements The sharpest transitions use crystal band pass filters. To handle power the most common Band pass filters are cavity type with multiple ports tuning the filter. These filters are nowadays widely used in wireless receivers and transmitters in order to limit the bandwidth of a signal output and keep it within their licensed spectrum and avoid transmitting outs its licensed band

A Quick Inspection of Low noise Block Downconverters and Power Dividers

Mainly used for satellite downlink reception,an Low Noise Block Downconverters (LNB) is a device that is located at the focal point of a satellite dish antenna. The antennagathers the radio waves from the dish and then transforms them into a signal. The LNB is a mixture of components like a low noise amplifier, LNA a Block down converter and an intermediate frequency amplifier. The signal is then sent through a cable to a close by building where the indoor modem is present.

What does LNB indicate?

In the term Low Noise Block Downconverter, the word “low noise”refers to the quality of the first stage input amplifier device. Noise Temperature, Noise factor or Noise figure are the units in which the quality is measured. The reception of the LNB is indirectly proportional to the noise temperature, i.e., the LNB will have better reception if the noise temperature is low. SATCOM Communication bands LNB’s that are provided by RADITEK includeL, C, S, Ku,ka and V Band.

The word “Block” in LNB refers to the transformation of a block of microwave signals which are received and then down-converted into a lower scale of frequencies which can be easily handled by a standard modem or set-top box.

How a Power Divider works?

Power Divider is one of the most elementary components of electronic devices, widely used for the transmission as well as reception of radio waves. Used mainly in the field of radio technology this passive device divides an incoming signal into two or more output signals.When used in reverse, it can be used as a power combiner although, in practice, they have different functions and requirements. The word “divider”refers to the incoming signals being split evenly across all the different outputs. For instance,if there are four output ports, each of them will get -6dB in comparison to the input signal or in simpler words, about one-quarter of the input signal.

There are many different types and sub types of power dividers, such as Wilkinson Power Divider, reactive power divider, quadrate hybrid couplers. A special case uses directional couplers. This permits the uneven distribution of power. For example in one output port, only 5% of the signals with the other port, the remaining 95% of the signal. When choosing any kind of Power Divider, it is vital to contemplate the isolation and directivity. Raditek makes Power Dividers in both coaxial and waveguide configurations.

LNB is a device boarded on a satellite dish which amplifies microwave signals and converts the set of frequencies into a lower block of frequencies. A power divider is a device which divides and incoming signals into two or more output signals.

Microwave Amplifiers – Exhibiting State of Art Technology

Majority of Telecom systems, both Satcom and Point to Point Terrestrial Microwave Links use Microwave Amplifiers to transmit signals over long distances. Uses range from gain blocks to high power SSPA’s. Indeed, Microwave technology plays a very important role across different industrial domains.

Power handling is a common issue for the users, as they do not want the destruction of expensive components in remote locations round the world. They should be reliable and robust to last for a very long time. Hence, RF tests are performed on the system to ensure that it withstands sudden surges in power. In addition, Efficiency is also an important factor to consider as many units are solar powered.

Role of Oscillators

Oscillators play a very important role in controlling the frequency accuracy of all Transmitters including radar and missile systems. Bi polar transistors are used to design the device used for multiple purposes in communication industry. It is vital to select an active device that is fully capable of oscillation at the stipulated frequency. You can add a feedback circuit to ensure seamless transmission of signals. Small signal S parameters are used in the design of the devices so that signals can be increased on the scale of voltage amplitude. Frequency tuning in the oscillator is achieved with the help of voltage controlled diodes.

Source from Reliable Manufacturers such as Raditek Only

Here, it is important to understand the circuit configuration before proceeding ahead with the task. You need to make sure to source the microwave amplifiers from reputed manufacturers or else the system could lag behind in the required parameters. Likewise, electrical tuning plays a very important role in regulating the frequency accuracy. Temperature compensation ensures that the circuit doesn’t get overheated and frequency accuracy degraded

To sum up, Raditek Microwave Amplifiers and Oscillators have infused significant change in the transmission and control of radio waves. Buying them from such a reputed manufacturer would guarantee long trouble free Product like.

Solid State Amplifiers – Boosting the Signal Transmission Appreciably

Solid state amplifiers are used in most Telecom Systems. They have many uses in receivers and Transmitters. On the receiver the first stage is typically a low noise amplifier, designed to boost very small signals to a useable level. In Transmitters they are cascaded to increase the small input signal to the required transmit Signal Raditek offers amplifiers with outputs less than one watt to some 20 kilo watts. At Microwave frequencies the signals are strong to minimize losses during transmission to earth stations.

More about Solid State Amplifier

Solid state amplification has played an important role in enhancing the payload of the satellite. Gallium Arsenide along with Gallium Nitride work together to generate power levels of different configurations. Signal distribution system after the power output should be seamless to ensure connectivity among different earth stations. Solid state devices are extremely small; therefore, they can be placed at the antenna feed to avoid the loss of signals. Linearity minimizes the distortion of the input signal as the amplitude increases.

Power amplifiers of various hues induce distortion, making the use of modern digital modulation techniques essential to curb interference. Minimal loss of signal further delivers efficient performance to the users. DC power administered to the device is mostly converted into useful power that is more than enough to transmit signals over long distances from the Satellite to Earth.

Waveguide Components

While using the Waveguide components, you should take into account the size, weight and power of the device. Power is essential to handle the signals linearly and efficiency. Satellite communication has evolved over a period of time due to the advent of SSPA amplifiers. Replacing all but the very high power tubes that used to be the back bone of transmission.

Power combing schemes of solid state technology allow high powers, Premium communication links utilize redundancy, so they continue to work even if one section of the system breaks down. The demand of solid state amplifiers and waveguide components will remain widespread in the market till another disruptive technology acquires the center stage.

Buy the Best Block upconverter and Power Splitters and Combiners from Raditek

The application of Block upconverter or BUC is on the rise in different industries related to satellite communication and terrestrial telecom. The device boasts of compact design and works on the principle of increasing frequency. It enables the L- Band signals from the Modem to convert into L,S,C, X Ku and Ka Band Here are other benefits of using block upconverter from Raditek.

Scalability and Reliability The device facilitates transmission to send signals to long distant locations. Scalability and reliability are the two most important attributes responsible for sending high speed Data, audio and video information. In spite of the distance, the signals are minimally attenuated and reach their destination with significant amplitude.

Phase Inversion

Phase inversion is absent in the transmitted signals as it comes with a dual up conversion. The signals transmitted via space do not have to go through elaborate ground networks to reach their destination. So privacy and security is improved. They incorporate digital gain controls; therefore military level signals are transferred seamlessly. Thermal management is an important attribute of the device to track the temperature and prevent overheating.

Power Splitters and Combiners

In addition to block upconverter, splitters and combiners also comprise an essential part of the telecommunication industry. This equipment finds their use mostly in RF applications and work effectively in splitting or combining the RF power. One can use the same circuit to split and combine the RF power; however, there lies a basic difference.

A combiner requires the exertion of power in opposite direction, while in case of splitter, you apply RF power to one end and extract from the other end. Be it combiners/splitters or Block upconverter, performance holds the key and hence the need is to purchase them only from a reputed manufacturer. Raditek is the best to consider in this regard, as its products are industry best and extremely high on performance.

Why Raditek?

Its power splitters and combiners cover all the brand frequencies over wireless, ranging from 200 MHz to 18 GHz. It offers superior models in T-style and conventional housing. From 2-way to 32-way, you can choose any of the low to high power equipment depending on your requirement. These advanced devices from Raditek are quite capable of handling high input power levels with a maximum limit of around 400 watts. Moreover, with these power combiners and splitters, the manufacturer also offers you SMA female (jack) and N type female (jack) coaxial connectors.

Whether you want block upconverter or power splitters and combiners, Raditek is the best place to purchase most models of these devices. They will ensure enhanced performance with optimum signal handling.

Solid State Power Amplifier – Playing an Eminent Role in Medical, Plasma, Radar and Telecommunication

The Solid State Power Amplifier SSPA is instrumental in the operation of demanding applications such as medical, plasma, radar and Telecommunication. Raditek amplifiers are available from 1MHz to 90GHz. theysupports L, S, C, X, Ku and Ka Satcom band applications with a 10% band width where they deliver high performance at reliable and cost effective prices. They are also available wide band including multi octave such as 1-18GHz

Under the Hood

The RF input to the product is amplified before being transmitted. Most High Power amplifiers are equipped with distributed design consisting of parallel symmetric branches., the power amplifier delivers amazing performance to the users. They do not allow significant reduction is power even if the individual PA sections fail.


One of the most important features of the SSPA is the presence of an independent power supply unit located inside the solid state power amplifier. It plays a very important role in the reduction of the noise and spurious signals.Monitoring can be incorporated into the PSU to switch off the DC signals if specified in the requirements and specifications of the clients including high reverse power.

Block Up Converter

This important component is used in the up linking of the L Band modem Output satellite signals to the specified satcom band. Low noise block down converters are used as the downlink recipient of the signals.

A BUC Up converting device is used to transmit the signals with increasing amplitude. BUCs can be IDU (Indoor units) or ODU (Outdoor units) where they are typically higher powers.

How are Wave Guide Components Helpful in Creating Microwave Amplifiers?

Many Microwave Amplifiers operate on the wave guide principles. The components are used to optimize the device and its functional processes. They play an important role in directing and controlling the transmission signals.

They are typically used when coaxial connectors cannot handle the power or when minimal signal loss is critical. For Raditek this is mainly for frequencies over 50 GHz and powers greater than 5 Kilo Watt. Standard wave guide comprises a hollow metal tube that disseminates electrical inductance at its walls and capacitance in the space between the walls. They are quite efficient in handling signals in which the wavelength are nearer to the cross sectional area of the metal.

Waveguide Components help to shield signals from interfering each other. They also are capable of handling signals with higher frequency without loss of energy. Presence of a single conductor plays a very important role in eliminating the problem of spacing between multiple conductors.

Microwave Amplifiers operate with the help of a suitable waveguide to deliver sterling results to the users.

• Waveguide Isolators comprise of single or dual ports helps the microwave power to move forward with minimum loss. In addition, the isolator is essential in protecting the microwave generators from damage caused by reverse power.

• Waveguide Circulators are one of the most important components that are used for isolation purposes. They are basically an isolator with a third port to allow external termination with higher power absorption to be fitted, therefore they can support remote specially cooled dummy loads.

• Waveguide Wet loads and dry loads are two most important aspects of microwave transmission. The former is equipped with higher power rating and absorption capacity. Dry loads are used for lower power.

• Wave guide Power splitters and combiners are used for higher microwave power generation. They are instrumental in determining the exact amount of the power produced.

• Waveguide Couplers comprise of multiple ports can monitor the forward and reverse power.

• Waveguide Impedance tuners are used to match the load with the microwave power source. Metallic elementinserted into the wave guide essentially accomplish the task without any hassles.

Waveguide components work with maximum efficiency to bolster and control the performance of microwave energy. The signals are amplified and can be transmitted to the intended destination with minimal loss of energy levels.

Raditek – A Trusted Platform for Telecom Products

Raditek is one of the leading companies that deal with all kinds of wireless and telecommunication products. It specializes in a vast array of products including amplifiers, Power Splitters and Combiners, oscillators and much more. The customers easily find what they are looking for on Raditek’s comprehensive web site and that too at the best possible price. As the competition grows, Raditek excels by integrating the latest technology and using modern state of the art equipment’s and techniques to achieve the purpose.

Let us take a quick look at some of its products.

Block Upconverter: As the name indicates, it converts the L band signal transmission from the modem to the required satellite Band. The concept is quite simple and finds use in many remote locations where you need to upconvert the frequency as per the requirement. In the present time most of the L(a) band frequency is converted into K(u), K(a) and C band.

Power Splitters and Combiners: Its function is just like its name that it splits the power into two or more ways and then combines to deliver the output. It is highly in demand and one of the premier products that you can get from Raditek. The main purpose of using such products is to deliver more power and ensure the right transmission over the region.

• Amplifiers: Different kinds of amplifiers are available from Raditek and one of them is SSPA also known as solid state power amplifier. Frequency coverage is 100KHz to 90Ghz and power from 10mW to 16KW

Besides all these, you can get a huge line of telecommunications products from this company, lowest possible cost and highest possible quality. All its products undergo rigorous testing and comply to the ISO 9000 standards for premium quality. You can easily trust Raditek and move ahead to buy block upconverters, power splitters and combiners, etc, just send your requirements to sales@raditek.xom

Waveguide Components and SSPA – Ensuring Advanced Telecommunication Solutions

In 2018 the need of the telecommunications as well as the microwave products is on the rise, which focuses us on the need for companies that excel in this area. One such name that has made a difference to this industry is the Raditek. It specializes in all kinds of amplifiers like the SSPA (Solid State Power Amplifiers), Waveguide Components and many more Telecom products. Raditek offers a huge variety of products including the hard too find, all at the highest quality.

Raditek is one of the leading names in the Wireless and Microwave telecommunications market andhas a lot to offer to the industry. Let’s have a look.

• It gives special emphasis to quality without any compromise. In order to ensure supreme quality, it abides by ISO standards along with providing the QA documents too that act as a proof for its utmost quality products.

• As the market is growing and new technologies are making its place, Raditek is extensively developing, working towards optimizing performance, overcoming all kinds of performance challenges. It puts forth the best efforts to excel and grow.

• Customer satisfaction comes first for the company and that is why it makes every effort to comply by the standards and ensures 100% fully tested products.

• Its team of experts including scientists, engineers and other professionals that make sure that the product range is high and coverts to the highest possible frequency. These experts specialize in their particular fields and have years of experience as well as the expertise in the telecom industry.

• In terms of the technology too, Raditek has taken one-step forward with its quality range of products that meet the client’s specification as well as requirements.

To sum up, you can say that Raditek is definitely a worth relying name and a choice you can trust. Buying its products of the likes of SSPA, waveguide components, etc will boost your telecom solutions appreciably.