Brief Understanding on how Power Splitters and Combiners Work?

Power Splitters and Combiners are widely used. The splitters split signals in an even manner with minimal reflections and loss. The splitters can consist of numerous ports. These two circuits are combined together to bring out the best result. There are two kinds of power splitters:

Resistive Power Splitters: This kind of splitter is able to keep balance in the characteristics impedance of the system. It is easy to use.

Hybrid Power Splitters: provide a low level of loss, though you face some physical losses with basically 3dB per junction

Power Combiners are used in terms of combining RF from a different number of sources. The engineers can face additional loss by the resistors while using power combiners. It is used in different applications for transforming signals.

The power splitters and combiners satisfy almost every requirement when a signal needs to get combined or distributed. Due to the fact that is made up only from resistors, their cost is affordable. Moreover, with careful design one can easily extend the frequency to a wider range.

Power splitters and combiners are easy to implement and use, these two systems offer wideband performance at affordable pricing.