Buy the Best Block upconverter and Power Splitters and Combiners from Raditek

The application of Block upconverter or BUC is on the rise in different industries related to satellite communication and terrestrial telecom. The device boasts of compact design and works on the principle of increasing frequency. It enables the L- Band signals from the Modem to convert into L,S,C, X Ku and Ka Band Here are other benefits of using block upconverter from Raditek.

Scalability and Reliability The device facilitates transmission to send signals to long distant locations. Scalability and reliability are the two most important attributes responsible for sending high speed Data, audio and video information. In spite of the distance, the signals are minimally attenuated and reach their destination with significant amplitude.

Phase Inversion

Phase inversion is absent in the transmitted signals as it comes with a dual up conversion. The signals transmitted via space do not have to go through elaborate ground networks to reach their destination. So privacy and security is improved. They incorporate digital gain controls; therefore military level signals are transferred seamlessly. Thermal management is an important attribute of the device to track the temperature and prevent overheating.

Power Splitters and Combiners

In addition to block upconverter, splitters and combiners also comprise an essential part of the telecommunication industry. This equipment finds their use mostly in RF applications and work effectively in splitting or combining the RF power. One can use the same circuit to split and combine the RF power; however, there lies a basic difference.

A combiner requires the exertion of power in opposite direction, while in case of splitter, you apply RF power to one end and extract from the other end. Be it combiners/splitters or Block upconverter, performance holds the key and hence the need is to purchase them only from a reputed manufacturer. Raditek is the best to consider in this regard, as its products are industry best and extremely high on performance.

Why Raditek?

Its power splitters and combiners cover all the brand frequencies over wireless, ranging from 200 MHz to 18 GHz. It offers superior models in T-style and conventional housing. From 2-way to 32-way, you can choose any of the low to high power equipment depending on your requirement. These advanced devices from Raditek are quite capable of handling high input power levels with a maximum limit of around 400 watts. Moreover, with these power combiners and splitters, the manufacturer also offers you SMA female (jack) and N type female (jack) coaxial connectors.

Whether you want block upconverter or power splitters and combiners, Raditek is the best place to purchase most models of these devices. They will ensure enhanced performance with optimum signal handling.