Coupler Coaxial That Delivers Quality Performance

Raditek’s coupler coaxial or coaxial coupler is a fundamental microwave component used in test kits, microwave applications, and other RF power monitoring applications.

Coaxial couplers manufactured by us are invariably used to ascertain, without interfering with the main transmission lines-standing wave patterns and their negative repercussions on the system output, load source isolators, and other wide range of measurement devices and applications.

Electronic system and application engineers prefer Raditek coupler coaxial for 3 three reasons: 1) It is the best device to transmit RF signals through different mediums 2) Our coaxial couplers are built to handle a wide range of frequency bands from 0.25GHz to 40 GHz and 3) Raditek coaxial coupler is designed for top thermal tolerance in the range minus 55 to plus 100 degrees centigrade.

Raditek coaxial couplers are built to military specifications and hence can resist harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, these can be easily integrated into high-value military and space applications, as well as commercial DTH and other related applications.

Raditek offers five different types of coaxial couplers that are as follows; single-ended, bi-directional, high-power, hybrid, and customized Ku & multi-band couplers.

All of them are known to delivering outstanding performance in terms of low VSWR, low insertion loss, high directivity, flat-level coupling and are compact and adaptable to many configurations.

Full details can be found on the Raditek’s website.