Cutting Edge Technology Products for Satellite and Microwave Communication

Today internet broadband is the biggest revenue generator for ISPs (Internet service providers). With 3g and 4g technology becoming prevalent and the future introduction of 5g broadband, it is obvious that wireless broadband is here to stay. Being connected means the necessity of carrying a Satcom modem and Transceiver. These modems have both sending and receiving capability

The dvb-s2 modulator is an excellent application of Satcom modulation technology. As it modulates between 250Kbps and 200Mbps rates the IF and L-band operations are fully compatible. The Continuous mode and Burst mode are the two types of modes.

Modulated signals are pieces of data represented by a corresponding signal state depending on the modulation technology. An important task of the Satcom modem is to synchronize the local symbol (pieces of data) clock generator with the remote one.

Signals received from a satellite are first downconverted (lower frequency) by the LNB (low noise block converter). The modem demodulates the signal received from the LNB and sends it to a data terminal. From this statement, it can be understood that the main function of a Satcom modem is to modulate and demodulate signals from the satellite.

Common Modulation Types are

• BPSK – Binary PhaseShiftKeying

• QPSK – QuadraturePhase-shift keying

• OQPSK – Orthogonal quadrature phase shift keying

• QAM – Quadrature amplitude keying

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