Dvb-S2 Modulator – for DTV Telecommunication Distribution

All are aware of the presence and utility of oscillators and modems in telecommunication. Both of these tools have their own work to perform and come in wide varieties depending on the need.

Among oscillators, Phase Lock Dielectric Resonant Oscillators (PLDRO) is the heart. Similarly, modems are keys for modulating and demodulating and encryption. They are two types- non satellite and satellite. Satellite modems are used for communications and TV distribution Among the DTV modem groups the Raditek Dvb-S2 Modulator is the modern popular choice.

Specifically designed for distinct purposes, all the components vary from each other and act best at their own positions. The more you go deep into the matter, the more you will understand- the variations, the usefulness and the tool to opt for.


As said earlier, Phase Lock is the dominating kind of oscillator and DRO or Dielectric Resonator Oscillator is a well-known variation.the frequency of these oscillator lies between 3 and 42 GHz,. Depending on the output power, amount of power consumed, band type, frequency, nature etc, DROs can offer many options.

The Dvb-S2 Modulator translates the DTV signal for transmission via Satellites. This downlink signal is received with a Set Top Box for TV distribution, IRD etc. The basic qualities of the Dvb-S2 Satcom are that it has low noise, high stability and great quality. Ka, Ku and C are the prevalent types of bands used.