Features & Specifications of Raditek’s Block Upconverters BUC

Block Up converters are used for up linking satellite signals. As the name suggests it converts the frequencies of lower bands to upper bands. The modern BUCs use phase-locked loop local oscillators, and they require a 10 MHz frequency external reference to maintain the accuracy of the frequency transmission. The BUC can convert the frequencies from L-band to S band, C-band, X Band,Ku-band, DBS Band and Ka-band.

Raditek.com offers a comprehensive range of Block Upconverter BUC to meet the demand raised by various industries and sectors, including army, navy, and telecommunication and satellite communication. Check out below the key features of BUCs offered by Raditek –

• L to X-Band BUC – The Company offers BUC that can convert frequencies from L-Band (950-1450 M) to X-Band (7.9-8.4 G). These devices come with easy integration option with SSPA to give higher performance.

• L to C-Band BUC – This Block Upconverter can efficiently translate the frequencies of L-Band to C-Band (5.85-6.75 MHz). These converters are quality checked for superior performance, and can withstand the freezing -10 °C as well as the melting 50 ° C, and 95% atmospheric humidity, muscularly, without experiencing any deterioration in performance. Raditek’s BUCs are designed to be compact units and have user selectable spectrum inversion.

• L to Ku-Band BUC – Raditek’s Ku-Band Block Upconverter BUCs is an economical satellite communication up linking RF in an outdoor transmitter. Engineers can transmit data as well as voice via these communication modules.Single channels per carrier (SCPC) configuration is covered, it is also suitable for multi Channel per Carrier (MCPC), Demand Assigned Multiple Access (DAMA) and Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA). Suitable for all Ku-Band frequencies, this compact, low-cost BUC offers easy installation and great monitoring and control options.

• L to Ka-Band BUC – These small and light weight new Ka-Band BUCs are ideal for mobile and satellite uplink applications. Designed to be mounted on the feed horn, the BUC has excellent efficiency and consumes less than 80W for 2, 3 & 5W Ka-Band BUC. Innovative and efficient thermal design makes this BUC one of the smallest, lightest and most reliable in the industry.

These are some of the most popular BUCs being offered at Raditek.com. With redundancy-ready features, these units can be easily configured to work in 1:1 and 2:1 redundant modes.

To explore the entire selection of Block Upconverter BUCs, please visit the website https://raditek.com/systems/satcom/block-upconverter.html