Feel the Difference with Splitters and Combiners

• Power divider and combiners are used in various ways to distribute or combine signal needs. Mostly considered as passive devices, these devices often find their use in the field of radio technology. Active splitters combine the passive splitter with an amplifier to counteract the splitting losstypically resulting in a 0dB loss device. These devices deliver a relatively high- degree of isolation at the “output” ports of the device.

• Combiners are also used to combine power amplifiers to create high power units, this technique is used where power amplifiers are limited by the power devices available to create many low power units combined together to a much higher output power

Benefits of Splitters and Combiners

• Simple to Use: Power splitters and combiners are much easier to use than any other connectivity devices. The splitters and combiners serve the important task to transmit the signal requirements from one device port to another.

• Cost Efficient: Using splitters and combiners does not require the users to spend extra money for a duo connection as the users can purchase a power splitter to play the same channel or a different one, on their devices. Instead of spending a much higher amount in purchasing the device, bringing home a splitter can become a cost effective technique.