High Power Combiners and Splitters – RF Match – Makers

Raditek‘s High Power Combiners are cutting-edge devices designed to provide RF/Microwave output signals while maintaining the input impedance properties, resulting in outstanding amplitude and phase balance, high power handling capacity, and high isolation levels.

These ultra-modern power combiners are well-suited for all wireless band frequencies including narrow bands to octave and multi-octave bandwidths.

And all these features come packed in rugged casings of various types including the surface-mount and drop-in models that are hi highly suited for any indoor and outdoor applications.

High power couplers from Raditek are state-of-the-art components that demonstrate low insertion loss and a coupling flatness of +/- 1dB or even less. It offers a mainline VSWR of 1.2:1 or even better across its operating frequency range.

These couplers are designed for low PIM and are aptly suitable for sub-MHz to 20 GHz in standard octave and multi-octave band applications.

Raditek offers both high-power splitters and high-power combiners in 2-way and up to 32-way variants with standard SMA or N-type female connections on the coupled ports, as well as unique designs to fit clients’ needs.

Raditek also offers quadrature hybrid variants to meet the customer’s specific system circuitry requirements.

So, go ahead and select the ones that are suited for your circuit design parameters.

Full details can be found at the RADITEK website.