High Power Coupler – Integral Component of RF Technology

High Power couplers extract a predetermined quantity of electromagnetic power in a transmission line, allowing it to be shared and used in another circuit.

These couplers have a low insertion loss and moreover, a coupling flatness of +/- dB is maintained across models. They are also handy to address misalignments and axial movements.

Power couplers from Raditek are known to hold a VSW ratio of 1.2:1 or even better, across the entire operating frequency range. We also make available customized frequency bands and other related specifications.

High power coupler fabrication is a complex task and it necessitates the use of various materials, and the joining and coating techniques used have an impact on the overall output of the system/application.

Ultimately, the worth of a system or an application is determined by its output parameters. And therefore we propose using only those high power couplers that have been manufactured by reputed companies like Raditek.

Our couplers devices are widely used in RF monitoring systems, test and measuring equipment, and superconducting structures.

Raditek offers five types of standard and customized high power couplers; they are Transmission coupler, Branch line coupler, Lange coupler, Hybrid coupler, and Wave-guide coupler.  

Raditek also offers high power couplers for narrowband and multi-octave and broadband applications besides other customized power couplers.

Full details are on the Raditek website.