News Information Courtesy Of Advanced Satellite Communications

News gathering has never been so technologically defined as much as in the 21st Century. Satellite communication has become the biggest enabler in disseminating information. Some of the key components of a satellite system are described.

The workhorse of communication systems are the broadband,geostationary satellites. Without this technology communication across the world will become so hampered that it will feel that we are back in the dark ages. It takes just 100 milliseconds for US elections news to travel around the world, the minute, shells are fired in Aleppo the news is transmitted. Most hotspots in the world are connected to satellites – it does not matter whether they are Government or commercial. Real-time information with efficient modems, control units delivering two way video, transmission and tracking capability – The installation is simple – true plug-n-play. You can mount it on the roof of a vehicle (with mounting attachments, complete with wing nuts for easy assembly and mounting) and the power source of the vehicle (12 V or 24V battery power) means you are in business. Data setup through RJ45 connectors brings the internet instantly to computers etc.

One of the best, most capable manufacturers of Satellite communication equipment is Raditek Inc, based in San Jose in California, United States of America. They are pioneers in the business of satellite terminals (VSATS). With the deployment of Raditek’s Mobile Terminal news gathering and transmission is made available via broadband communication MODCOD (modulation and coding) protocols. Raditek has named this system appropriately titled IOTM – “Internet on the Move” systems which operate in the Ku and above band. The IOTM-KU system has one of the smallest footprints when mounted on the roof rack of the vehicle. Each system consists of

•  Satcom modem with a standard sat-com system

o  Configured to meet challenges of network transmission in field conditions. The system is flexible with 360 degrees tracking and wide elevation tracking that ensures consistent, on the move, coverage.Satcom modems are state-of-the-art named Dream (Dama REAdy Modems), SuperDream (at hub) and Extreme (to 200Mbps). The DREAM modems are Demand assigned multiple access (DAMA)technology basedwith Adaptive bandwidth on demand (ABOD) for optimal spectral efficiency.

o  The DREAM based internet network solution can be used anywhere MFTDMA modems are used, only the DREAM gives up to 30% more efficiency, on the satellite and much more secure (hack proof). They are designed with built-in testing capabilityand have support for monitor and control several interfaces. Modems can be standalone, point to point (SCPC-single channel per carrier) or used in a mini hub environment (MESH AND STAR network configurations) .

At the heart of the system is

•  SSPA – Solid State Power amplifier with converter or

•  BUC (Block Up-converters) that are designed to work for mobile and satellite uplink applications – availablemodels with wide input range of powers are available at all the satcom bands and can have a 1:1 redundancy etc.

Raditek’s DVB-S2x (with extensions support)modems (with modulators and/or demodulators) are leading edge industry standards at an affordable cost that provide superior bandwidth efficiency with low roll off (to 5%). The DVB-S2 and S2x satellite modulator models cover the full L-Band IF range from 950 MHz (megahertz) to 2150 MHz. For the DVB (Digital Video Broadcast) covers bit rates from 250 kbps (kilobits per second) to over 200 Mbps (Megabits per second)