Perfect Frequency Pulsator

Wherever and whenever a frequency precision is required, you will find Raditek’s Rubidium Oscillators embedded in circuitry to generate sinusoidal waveforms of fixed amplitude and frequency.

Our rubidium oscillators are re-modified oven-controlled crystal oscillators with their output tethered to a rubidium circuit, a world standard for highly accurate frequency pulse generation, and are a primary source of power in electrical and electronic instruments.

Rubidium-based oscillators operate by regulating the crystal oscillator and harnessing it to rubidium hyperfine and a stable frequency of 6834682610.904 Hz.

Our clients and customers attest to the fact that our OCXOs and Rubidium-based oscillators are more stable than other similar devices on the market.

Raditek’s rubidium-based oscillators, both off-the-shelf and customized, are known for delivering exact transition frequencies and are hence suggested for usage in applications where frequency high precision is crucial.

The Rubidium-based oscillator is nothing more than a remodified OCXO, but our rubidium oscillators stand out because of Raditek’s design capabilities and engineering expertise. Even in the operating temperature range of -30 °C to +60 °C, these oscillators maintain super performance stability.

Raditek manufactures two types of rubidium oscillators: precision rubidium oscillators and low noise rubidium oscillators.

We recommend informed selection of the same based on circuitry design factors such as SNR, transfer errors, calibration intervals, and so on, for optimal output.

Full details are on the Raditek website.