Phase Lock Oscillator – Key Electronic Communication Component

Raditek’s phase lock oscillator is an incredible control system that generates an output frequency corresponding to the phase of its input signal therefore, it is also known as a phase lock loop (PLL). It tracks input frequency and can also trigger at a frequency higher than the input frequency.

And therefore these PLLs are used in frequency synthesis, demodulation, and computer clock synchronization systems.

Raditek’s phase lock oscillator is also used in telecommunication applications, computer chips, and micro-circuitry of other electronic systems and applications, and those electronic circuitries fitted with variable frequency oscillators. They are also used for analog as well as digital data transmission applications.

The Phase lock oscillators (PLL) come in three main varieties: 1) Analog, 2) Analog and Digital (Hybrid), and 3) Fully Digital. These are utilized particularly in SoC microchips, enhancing their power, performance, and area, which is crucial for nanowatt and multi-GHz designs.

Our engineers custom-configure a range of technically complex and sophisticated PLLs which are compatible and complement other devices and components in larger electronic systems.

The ability to create highly stable phase lock oscillators with a frequency range of 100MHz to 45GHz, low phase noise, and stability of 0.2ppm throughout a temperature range of 0 to 50 degrees Celsius is something that our international clients find particularly impressive.

Full details can be found at Raditek website.