Phase Lock Oscillators for Superior Frequency Stability

In this technological era, a phase lock loop is an effective technique to provide an accurate and stable Frequency source, which regulates transmitted signals to their designated frequency spectrum

Raditek manufactures various phase lock oscillator types covering 300MHz to 41GHz. A High Accuracy TCXO (temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator) or OCXO (Ovenized Crystal Oscillator) generates a specific frequency in the 10 to 100MHz range this is translated so it is rich in harmonics. The Frequency Harmonic that closest to the desired frequency is selected and applied to a phase comparator to regulate the Output frequency

There are two methods:

• Phase lock loop – internally referenced

• Phase lock loop – externally referenced

The internally referenced source (TCXO or OCXO) is embedded in the oscillator case and typically has stabilities of 0.1 to 10ppm (part per million). The externally referenced source is typically a higher stability applied throughout a facility to keep all equipment at the same stability. The technology here is often to lock everything to a GPS received standard at 0.1ppb (part per billion)

Dielectric Resonators Oscillator (DRO) These oscillators also phase lock efficiently made DRO, used in current communication systems, radar, missiles, and electronic competition. They also find vast use for commercial purpose and military operations. Once can distinguish Phase Locked Dielectric Resonators Oscillator(PLDRO or simply PLO) byits frequency stability with temperature, simple construction and ability to withstand harsh atmosphere. Raditek provides a vast range of DRO with frequencies 3-42GHz.