Power Amplifiers & Waveguide Components – A Hit in the Telecommunication Industry

Various appliances are used over the telecommunications and microwave electronic industry for communicating via satellites as well as FM VHF and TV broadcasting and terrestrial Point to Point communication systems, Raditek offers a wide range of Power Amplifiers & Waveguide Components that are used throughout the telecommunication market.

Power Amplifiers are used as signal boosters. By using multiple stages of amplification to the limit of the most powerful device available and then combining various amplifiers we achieve the desired power output

Raditek designs and supplies amplifiers from 100 KHz to 96 GHz at output levels from 1 mille watt to 15 Kilo Watt

Raditek Amplifiers are used in many devices including Radio broadcasting, TV Broadcasting, Satcom down links and uplinks to the satellites, Terrestrial Point to Point telecom and in medical treatment of cancer.

Various Types include:

• Low level signal amplifications are known as LNA (low noise amplifier) available to 96GHz.

• High Power amplifiers running outputs up to 15Kw for ISM and HF communication bands.

• The amplifiers designs include Modulated signals, pulse as well as continuous wave.

Waveguide Components – Boosting the Communication Quality

Waveguide Components are typically used for low loss andhigh power applications which cover satellites, radars as well as industrial applications. The components’ rangesare 1.2 GHz – 120 GHz and WR 430 – WR 10 spanning narrow bands to multi octaves.

The components include:

• Isolators along with circulators

o 1.12 GHz to 17.7 GHzlow frequency to medium frequency

o 17.7 GHz to 120 GHz which ranges from medium frequency to high frequency

• Coaxial adaptersto waveguide

• Rotary Switches waveguide

• Loads along with Terminations waveguide

• Rotator joints waveguide

• Power Amplifiers

• LNA Low noise Amplifiers and Converters

• Antenna ranging from 1M to 16M in diameter