Power Coupler – An Astute Device

All coupling devices have the same basic function: to transmit power, accommodate misalignments, and adjust for axial movements.

High power couplers are electronic devices that transfer calibrated electromagnetic power from a transmission line to a port, allowing it to be used in another circuit while compensating for any misalignments or axial movements.

Power couplers are passive devices and are mostly used in RF applications/systems for sampling signals, signal injection and generation, measure incident or reflected power to determine VSWR.

This component is also an important part of any hi-tech microwave systems like radars, wireless communication and telecommunications, field testing equipment, medical equipment, and DTH equipment.

There are different types of high power couplers used for system-specific applications and they are: Transmission coupler, Branch line coupler, Lange coupler, Hybrid coupler and Wave-guide coupler

Transmission line couplers keep electromagnetic waves from modifying and altering the impendence.

Branch line couplers are used in a single antenna transmitter/receiver system.

Lange couplers-A 4-port interdigitated structure used as power combiners, splitters in RF amplifiers and as well as in mixers and modulators.

Hybrid couplers perform many functions like splitting/combining signals, switching circuits, etc.

And waveguide couplers are used typically in testing and monitoring gadgets/equipment.

For narrowband, multi-octave range, and broadband applications, Raditek has a wide selection of couplers.

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