Raditek – A Trusted Platform for Telecom Products

Raditek is one of the leading companies that deal with all kinds of wireless and telecommunication products. It specializes in a vast array of products including amplifiers, Power Splitters and Combiners, oscillators and much more. The customers easily find what they are looking for on Raditek’s comprehensive web site www.raditek.com and that too at the best possible price. As the competition grows, Raditek excels by integrating the latest technology and using modern state of the art equipment’s and techniques to achieve the purpose.

Let us take a quick look at some of its products.

Block Upconverter: As the name indicates, it converts the L band signal transmission from the modem to the required satellite Band. The concept is quite simple and finds use in many remote locations where you need to upconvert the frequency as per the requirement. In the present time most of the L(a) band frequency is converted into K(u), K(a) and C band.

Power Splitters and Combiners: Its function is just like its name that it splits the power into two or more ways and then combines to deliver the output. It is highly in demand and one of the premier products that you can get from Raditek. The main purpose of using such products is to deliver more power and ensure the right transmission over the region.

• Amplifiers: Different kinds of amplifiers are available from Raditek and one of them is SSPA also known as solid state power amplifier. Frequency coverage is 100KHz to 90Ghz and power from 10mW to 16KW

Besides all these, you can get a huge line of telecommunications products from this company, lowest possible cost and highest possible quality. All its products undergo rigorous testing and comply to the ISO 9000 standards for premium quality. You can easily trust Raditek and move ahead to buy block upconverters, power splitters and combiners, etc, just send your requirements to sales@raditek.xom