Raditek Circulator

We offer the widest range and best performance Stripline, Microstrip, Lumped element Coaxial and Waveguide circulators in the world, extremely aggressive pricing structure. Our ferrites are the best anywhere

  • From mille Watts to Kilo Watts, standard and special custom models, even including cryogenic models.working down to -272.5oC.

  • Still the best specifications and the lowest prices in the industry.

  • Microstrip Drop-in on carrier(2-100 GHz) 20-W at Low frequencies, to 1 Watt at high Frequencies

  • Stripline drop ins 30MHz to 4GHz, including the 800M to 3.6 GHz Cellular, DCS, PCS,UMTS, WI-MAX, RFID bands.

  • Coaxial 26MHz to 50 GHz with SMA, N, K, 2.4 connectors. Wide Band: Octave, Octave+ and Peripheral mode Coax Isolators: inc special 3.35-12.8GHz and 2-18GHz Full band units

  • Waveguide 2 to 100 GHz in all major frequency bandsPower handling at the lower frequencies up to 3KW CW and 5KW pulse

A circulator is an inert non-reciprocal 3 to 4 port device, where in a radio frequency or microwave signal entering any port is transmission to next port in rotation. They have low insertion loss, high isolation, low VSWR or high return loss, and high power handling. They find their use in amplifiers, frequency sources and receivers.