Raditek SSPA and Dvb-S2 Modulators for High Quality Telecommunication Requirements

Get professional designed equipment for the telecom industry, which facilitate both local, point to point, Satcom and HF for signal availability over a large coverage area.Have the most efficient functioning equipment developed to high tasking facility. Raditek Products are widely used over the enormous telecommunication industry. Products provided are extensively used for signal management, better wireless signal efficiency and many other purposes. The merchandise presented here provides long lasting durability, plus these are meant to offer elevated performance sustainability.

Solid State Power Amplifier

Raditek Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPA) is developed for use in the telecom industry, medical hospital equipment and many others in the ISM Band. These amplifiers are used for communication over defense systems, airborne administration and other uniform purposes for performance communication under any condition.They typically utilize Gallium Arsenide devices to offer high efficiency, so if you are looking for the most powerful, high efficiency, high class components to work on your tasks, SSPA is the best solution to consider.

Dvb-S2 Modulator

You can now easily modulate your DTV signal with Raditek’s state of the art Dvb-S2 Modulator. Purposely developed to perform efficiently in their place. They are purposely designed for handling DTV signals through satellite distribution. To sum up the Raditek Dvb-S2 Modulator conforms to the latest standards for modems and is compatible along IRD solutions.