Robust Combiners from Raditek

Our High power combiners are the state of the art component used by most of the electrical and electronic manufactures as they provide low insertion loss and high isolation and return loss. It combines different RF feeds into a common output without degrading it in anyway.

Besides the above mentioned attributes, other features of Raditek’s high power combiners are as follows: 1) Excellent amplitude 2) Excellent phase balance 3) High power handling capacities and 4) Rugged packaging.

It is a passive component used to combine or distribute frequency signals in calibrated amounts to predetermined pathways.

There are 2 main categories of high power combiners Resistive and Reactive and each of them have its specific use in the circuitry and its related system topology.

Restive power combiners/dividers from Raditek offer the highest bandwidth and can maintain system impedance typically equal to 50 Ω. In a star configuration without any dedicated input ports, which allows them to function as hubs, aptly suited for connecting multiple receivers, transmitters, etc.

Our Reactive power combiners/dividers, like their restive counterparts, offer low insertion loss and roughly 20 dB port isolation and are ideally for heavy duty operations.

Raditek’s high power combiners find their use in commercial and defense applications like radio and satellite communications EMI and EMC testing gadgets, etc.

See Raditek website for full details.