Satcom Modems – How Broadband Satellite Internet Works

RADITEK DREAM (DAMA REAdy Modem) Satcom, networking (MESH and STAR) Satellite modems. ALL IP based, networking modems. Can operate as an SCPC, point to point link also, always SINGLE satellite HOP modems.

Also known as MF-TDMA-second generation (Mutli frequency, time division Multiple access). As they can be used for any and more applications, the current MF-TDMA modems and hub is used, but much more efficiently. Can be used as either:

1. A Stand alone SCPC, Point to Point DREAM modem with for example or A “TDM” based DREAM Super Hub mode, replacing many standard DREAM modems at a HUB, even more significantly lowering CAPEX (Capital Expense) !

2. Improved satellite efficiency with DAMA (Demand Assigned Multiple Access) based “SCPC” modem, with a central control HUB, significantly lowering OPEX with: ABOD (Adaptive Bandwidth on Demand) WITH SUPPORT FOR:

3. Multiple STAR or MESH networks in the same DREAM modem based network! For small to very large networks. Regular MF-TDMA networks share a single outbound data channel wit all the remotes in different unique time slots, with little to ne priority. If the network is not evenly distributed, huge inefficiencies can exist with empty time slots. Raditek’s system is DAMA based and has no overhead framing bits or empty time slots at all. So up to 95% spectral efficiency is possible, compared to 70% at best with MF-TDMA.

4. HUB based network status MAP display with any site’s GUI status/control. The hub can be increased linearly as the network size increases. Unlike MF-TDMA which gets very complex and expensive, especially for larger sized networks.

5. Up to 3dB lower Eb/No than competitor’s modem MODCODs (16QAM/LDPC MODCOD).

6. Applications include, secure IP networks of almost any size, from the smallest Mesh to a combination of multiple MESH and STAR to very large networks. Additionally, 6.1. Oil and gas, 6.2. Secure ATM and banking networks, where the DAMA control make them almost impossible to intercept and hack by any third party. 6.3. Private networks 6.4. Back haul to IP based links (such as IP based GSM, LTE etc) 6.5. Disaster recovery networks for quick deployment and communications restoration 6.6. Internet on the move (IOTM) networks, can be linked to RADITEK IOTM antennas 6.7. Distance learning, return channel, much more efficient than DVB-RCS (worse than 50% efficient) and SCPC return channels. DAMA based return channels only transmit when there is data present. Unlike the other return systems.

7. Spectral efficiency and (capital and operating) cost is optimized for any network size. This is simply not true for MF-TDMA competitors.

8. MODCODS (modulation and coding) for up to 22Mbps is from BPSK up to 16QAM, using very efficient, low latency (delay) LDPC coding, and down to 5% roll off factors are supported.

9. Multiple receive channels available (as options) permodem.Dream Modems are the most sophisticated and lowest cost in the industry.

10. Also RADITEK Extreme modems are fully functional SCPC (point to point modems).With up to 200Mbps, two way data streams, which supports the latest DVB-S2 with extensions, 5% roll off factors and to 256 QAM modulation with sophisticated multiple LDPC algorithms available, to lowest EB/No or Lowest delay etc.

Up to 4 inputs per channel, can be 4 x E1/T1 or 3 x E1/T1 plus IP channel, for example in one modem channel. Applications include: High rate cellular back haul.

DVB-S2x single and multicast TV transmissions at 5% roll off for best spectral efficiency (for SNG and studio transmission/distribution).

Any high speed 2 way links, can be used combined for HTS/Gbps applications