Solid State Power Amplifier – Playing an Eminent Role in Medical, Plasma, Radar and Telecommunication

The Solid State Power Amplifier SSPA is instrumental in the operation of demanding applications such as medical, plasma, radar and Telecommunication. Raditek amplifiers are available from 1MHz to 90GHz. theysupports L, S, C, X, Ku and Ka Satcom band applications with a 10% band width where they deliver high performance at reliable and cost effective prices. They are also available wide band including multi octave such as 1-18GHz

Under the Hood

The RF input to the product is amplified before being transmitted. Most High Power amplifiers are equipped with distributed design consisting of parallel symmetric branches., the power amplifier delivers amazing performance to the users. They do not allow significant reduction is power even if the individual PA sections fail.


One of the most important features of the SSPA is the presence of an independent power supply unit located inside the solid state power amplifier. It plays a very important role in the reduction of the noise and spurious signals.Monitoring can be incorporated into the PSU to switch off the DC signals if specified in the requirements and specifications of the clients including high reverse power.

Block Up Converter

This important component is used in the up linking of the L Band modem Output satellite signals to the specified satcom band. Low noise block down converters are used as the downlink recipient of the signals.

A BUC Up converting device is used to transmit the signals with increasing amplitude. BUCs can be IDU (Indoor units) or ODU (Outdoor units) where they are typically higher powers.