SSPA – The Workhorse of Electronic Communication World

State-of-the-art SSPA (solid state power amplifiers) from Raditek are predominantly used in wireless communications and broadcasting systems.

SSPA designed by our engineers is a cutting-edge device capable of handling an operating frequency load from 10 kHz to 18 GHz and an operating power load from milliwatts to Kilowatts.

Raditek also provides SSPA in narrow, broad, and multi-octave band configurations which can be suitably used in Ku and X band applications too.

Depending on the needs of the circuitry, the most recent solid-state power amplifiers designed in our ultramodern manufacturing facilities use either field effect transistors (FET) or transistors with gallium arsenide (GaAs) or gallium nitride (GaN) technology.

Our GaAs transistor-based SSPA is best suited for low to medium-power load applications, while our GaN transistor-based amplifiers are well-suited for high-power applications.

Apart from these off-the-shelf amplifier devices we also design and fabricate customize SSPA as per the given specification which is ready for integration in high-profile systems and applications like missile tracking systems, airborne radars, and the like.

Every aspect, including the operating environment of an SSPA, is objectively evaluated and assessed in relation to its circuit dynamics. Only post the satisfactory sync results, Raditek recommends it for production and hence reckoned it as a high-caliber product.

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