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Satcom Systems Internet On The Move (IOTM)

•  IOTM can track any Satellite on the Move To 8Mbps, (2 Way): Internet, VOIP, Video Conferencing, E-mail, In MESH and/or STAR Network for Full Triple Play service
•  Compact unit mounts on vehicles, trains and boats, for 2 way internet, via satellite, whilst the vehicle is moving.

•  Each Outdoor unit includes: Transmit and receive antenna, Positioner, GPS based controller, Integral LNB and Ku Band BUC, Power supply, All in a single Robust sealed unit

•  Applications include:SNG (Satellite News Gathering), Voice-Video-Data, First responders: in-pursuit, in-route, and on-scene, ANY mobile Internet “On The Move”, one to triple play applications., To 8Mbps (2 Way) STAR or MESH connectivity, Disaster recovery, ICE, FEMA, DHS mobile field ops etc

Internet On The Move (IOTM)

Internet On The Move Overview
RIOTM-Ka-e14 Internet on the Move Solution Ka-Band, (20W SSPA)
RIOTM-Ku-e14 Internet on the Move Solution Ku-Band, (40W SSPA)
RIOTM-Ku-(20-40)W-v13 Internet on the Move Solution Ku-Band, (20W or 40W SSPA)
RIOTM-Ku-40W-36dBi-52dBw-v13 Internet on the Move (IOTM), Ku-Band, with 40W BUC, 32dBi Antenna