The Importance of SSPA Solid State Power Amplifier and Modulating Modems in Telecommunication

Telecommunication plays an intrinsic role in the lives of all and sundry. It is hence important for people to have a minimum idea of the components and parts on which the telecommunication industry thrives. Amplifiers and Modems and have been the communication industry building blocks, but they vary depending on the types of work they perform.If you know the type of amplifiers and modems that will prove to be beneficial for your cause, then your job becomes a lot easier. You will just need a good company like Raditek to supply you with your requisite components.

Amplifying Techniques

The SSPA, Solid State Power Amplifier utilizes field-effect transistors to produce the amplifications, which have frequencies ranging from 1.5MHz to 96Ghz covering the Telecommunication bands. Amplifiers also find their use in the fields of science, industry, and medicine. The applications include Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), timber drying, X-ray Doppler measurements, cyst heating to cure cancer (stage one and two) and much more.For cordless phone, keyboard, WiFi etc. 2.4 GHz and 5.6GHz are the most used frequencies. Raditek Power Amplifier have ruggedness and high reliability, unconditional stability, reverse polarity protection, instantaneous full bandwidth, alarm and over temperature protection and come with a warranty of five years.

Modem Models

Modems are a key component in the field of telecommunication as they find use for modulating encryption and demodulating and compressing a lot of digital information into a small amount of frequency spectrum. These modems are primarily of two types, satellite, and non-satellite, where the satellite modem is also used for TV distribution and communications. The best bet in the DTV market is the Raditek Dvb- S2 Modulator. This particular species is of superior quality with high stability and low noise and is available for use in C, Ku and Ka bands. Thus, if you need a modulator for translating the DTV signals through satellites, it is wise to prefer this Satcom to others.