The Role of Amplifiers and RF and Band Pass Filters in Advanced Communication

RF amplifiers and Band pass filters are quite common terms for people working in the field of electronics engineering. The fundamental use of radio frequency (RF) power amplifiers is to generate high power signals from alow power source. On the other side, the Band pass filter is a simple electronic device, which allows frequencies to pass within a pre-determined range and reject others outside the range. A Band pass filter is a combination of a high and low pass filter. Here is some more on both these equipment.

An Insight into Amplifiers

Coming to the amplifiers, these are specially designed to achieve certain goals like bandwidth, power output, heat dissipation, linearity, etc. These RF Amplifiers can be divided into five classes based on their internal design, i.e. from class A to class E.With class A the most linear. These amplifiers are used in GaN and GaAS designs, better known as solid-state devices. The most common application of an RF amplifier is to drive a transmitter antenna, to broadcast a signal. RADITEK designs and manufactures Amplifiers in the frequency range 1MHz to 100GHz

More on Band Pass Filter

The typical use of a Band pass filter is passing a wanted signal with minimal loss and attenuating g all others. If you search for a dual band-pass filter, you will find that it has two pass-bands thatare adjacent to a center frequency with minimal attenuation. Theoretically, a band-pass filter will have a flat pass –bands, which will attenuate every frequency outside of its pass-band. RADITEK designs and manufactures Band pass filters in Microstrip, Stripline, Coaxial and Waveguide formats.

However, practically it is hard to find an ideal band-pass filter, as they don’t attenuate every frequency outside the desired pass-band. The area between the pass and reject bands is known as the skirt area. Ideally the skirt is a short transition,, this is achieved by adding additional filter elements The sharpest transitions use crystal band pass filters. To handle power the most common Band pass filters are cavity type with multiple ports tuning the filter. These filters are nowadays widely used in wireless receivers and transmitters in order to limit the bandwidth of a signal output and keep it within their licensed spectrum and avoid transmitting outs its licensed band