Traits of a High Frequency Solid State Power Amplifier

HF power amplifiers are designed to cover the HF Band 1.6 to 30 MHz used for worldwide short wave communications, They work with signals from an exciter of HR band Radio and amplify the CW or modulated transmit signals to ensure essential communications.

Our High Power Amplifiers are a family of highly efficient, linear Class A/AB that uses the latest, state of the art LDMOS and latest GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology. We start with 1KW modules and achieve higher powers by combining multiple Amp modules. They are capable of delivering pulsed or continuous (CW) operation, at up to 15KW output.

They comprise multiple air cooled 5 or 6RU chassis each with 4 x 1KW amplifiers combining to deliver the rated output power. Water Cooled options are available. All of the PSUs are constantly monitored, and all critical data is available on the front panel touch screen color monitor and via internet or by interactive USB link locally.

The SSPA/PSUs are controlled by a microcontroller that monitors all the critical functions. The microcontroller also enables BITE (Built in Test Equipment) functions, providing continuous SSPA monitoring of all critical operating parameters that can be read with an Ethernet connection. Monitoring of the amplifier may be done by the customer over the Internet. In addition, it incorporates front panel metering for the SSPA voltages and current for each of the 8 x SSPA modules.

The amplifier may be driven to full power with 0dBm from the host exciter. It has a built in Automatic Level Control (ALC) for producing a level output as well as a controlled rollback of power due to rising VSWR.