Types of RF Amplifiers

Amplifiers RF are used to amplify signals to the desired magnitude. There are different types of amplifiers used for various purposes. If you are looking for one, here are the types which would help you to come up with the one you need.


Broadband Amplifiers are used to get moderate gain over a wide bandwidth while it maintains low noise figure. These are best used at the front-end of the antenna within the receiver circuitry.

Gain Block

Gain Block Amplifiers are similar to the above at everything other than providing better gain, but they are not able to maintain a low noise figure. They are best used in RF, IF and microwave transmitter applications.

Variable Gain

Variable gain amplifiers are complex ones because as the name suggests, variable gains can be obtained which are controllable and sometimes programmable. These are best used as the part of a closed-loop control circuit.

Low Noise Amplifier are used to amplify very weak signals to the working signal as output without introducing substantial phase noise. They are best used as the input of the antenna where signal power needs to be increased.

Power amplifiers come in two forms Coaxial and Waveguide Power Amplifiers which are used to convert signals with a small power from radar and communication equipment to high powered transmissions which are then sent to an antenna. Raditek solid state amplifiers include either Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) or Gallium Nitrate (GaN) active devices: these are the devices that do the actual amplification. Simplistically GaAs has the best linearity and GaN the best efficiency.

All types of Amplifiers are available from Raditek Amplifiers are offered in Frequency bands covering 1MHz to 96GHz and Power Ranges a few mille watts to 15 Kilo watts.