Using Microwave Amplifiers to Strengthen Power and Energy

A microwave amplifier boosts the power signal (output) of a microwave device. It increases the amplitude of the wave, which holds direct relation to its level of power. The amount of intensification provided by an amplifier is the ratio of input to an output voltage or power gain. Amplifiers find their use in all electronic equipment. Raditek Power Amplifiers are used in Radio and TV broadcasting, SatelliteUp and Downlinks, Point to Point Telecom and Medical Procedures to treat early stage cancer

Types of Amplifiers and their Fundamentals

• Low Noise Amplifiers: These microwave amplifiers work on the lowest level signal and intensify it with negligible additive noise. Low noise microwave amplifiers are typically narrowband devices, and are used to enhance the power and voltage of electronic equipment. Raditek Microwave Power Amplifiers are available up to 96GHz

• Power Amplifiers: This amplifier runs on a relatively high level power signal, it boosts the signal for transmission through air. They can run in a linear mode or saturated. The output power isthe most critical parameters for a power amplifier. Raditek Power Amplifiers are available with outputs from a few Milliwatts to 15 Kilowatts at certain frequencies

• Linear Signal Amplifier: Often called as ‘gain blocks’, these generic amplifiers usually provide small signal gain with the help of a simplified system.

• Driver Amplifier: These amplifiers operate typically in a narrow bandof frequencies and continuous wave operations. They find their use generally in synthesizers or in local oscillators, for example driving a mixer. However, in instrumentation or in superior electronic warfare, or in test and measurement applications, driver amplifiers are distinct for generating maximum performance. Efficiency is important for these driver amplifiers.

Microwave amplifiers have an effective role to play in strengthening the power and energy signals. Their use is becoming widespread in assorted industries. They ensure efficient power generation, efficient energy, and reduced workload.