We are an RF / Microwave / Wireless Telecom Manufacturer for component, modules and systems.


Waveguide Components Waveguide Couplers

We offer the widest range and best performance in the world, extremely aggressive pricing structure.

•  Various Waveguide Components From 1.2 GHz to 120 GHz, WR430 to WR10
•  From Narrow band to Multi-Octave
•  Directional and Dual Directional
•  Broadband, Cross Guide, High Power
•  Low Passive Intermodulation Distortion models (PIM)
•  Design capabilities from MHz to 60 GHz
•  Standard Octave Bands (2-4 GHz, 3-6 GHz, 4-8 GHz, 6-12 GHz, 9-18 GHz)
•  Coupling values available: 3, 5, 6, 7, 10, 15, 20 and 30 dB
•  This is a small selection of our waveguide component range

We can cross reference to virtually any competitor, usually with better performance

Directional Waveguide Couplers

RCPL-3.39-4.21-30d-WR229-Nf-o4 Directional Coupler, 3.39 GHz to 4.21 GHz, 30dB Coupling, WR229 Package, N-Female Connector
RCPL-5.2-6.2-40d-WR187-UG407-Nf-10KW-Avg-100KW-Pk-u5 Directional Coupler, 5.2 GHz to 6.2 GHz, 40dB Coupling, WR187 Package, UG407 Flange, N-Female Connector, 10 Kilo Watts Average, 100 Kilo Watt Peak
RCPL-6.5-18.0-40d-WRD650-Nf-1KW-o15 Directional Coupler, 6.5 GHz to 18.0 GHz, 40dB Coupling, WRD650 Package, N-Female Connector, 1 Kilo Watt
RCPL-10.5-12.8-20d-WR75-Sf-500W-CW-a21 Directional Coupler, 10.5 GHz to 12.8 GHz, 20dB Coupling, WR75 Package, SMA Female Connector, 500 Watts CW
RCPL-18-26.5-20-30d-WR42-FBP220-Kf-300W-CW-a21 Directional Coupler, 18 GHz to 26.5GHz, 20 or 30dB Coupling, WR42 Package, FBP220 Flange, K-Female Connector, 300 Watts CW
RCPL-26.5-40.0-10-30dB-WR28-Kf-300W-CW-a8 Directional Coupler, 26.5 GHz to 40.0 GHz, 10, 20 or 30dB Coupling, WR28 Package, K-Female Connector, 300 Watts CW

Dual Directional Waveguides Couplers

RDDCPL-3.3-4.8-50d-WR229-Nf-2kW-CW-20KW-Pk-o4 Dual Directional Coupler, 3.3 GHz to 4.8 GHz, 50dB Coupling Forward / 40dB Coupling Reverse, WR229 Package, CMR 229 Flange, N-Female Connectors, 2 Kilo Watts CW, 20 Kilo Watts Peak Power
RDDCPL-6.5-18.0-40d-WRD650-Sf-300W-q11 Dual Directional Coupler, 6.5 GHz to 18.0 GHz, 40dB Coupling, WRD650 Package, SMA Female Connectors, 300 Watts
RDDCPL-10-15-30d-WR75-Nf-4kW-v22 Dual Directional Coupler, 10 to 15 GHz, 30dB Coupling, WR75 Package, N-Female Connectors, 4 Kilowatts
RDXGCPL-10.7-13.0-50d-WR75-Nf-a21 Dual Cross Guide Directional Coupler, 10.7 to 13.0 GHz, 50dB Coupling, WR75 Package, FBP120 Flange, N-Female Connectors, 1 Kilowatts