We are an RF / Microwave / Wireless Telecom Manufacturer for component, modules and systems.

Waveguide Components Waveguide Loads and Terminations

We offer the widest range and best performance in the world, extremely aggressive pricing structure.

•  Various Waveguide Components From 1.2 GHz to 120 GHz, WR430 to WR10
•  From Narrow band to Multi-Octave
•  Cooling: Convection, Conduction, Water, Forced Air
•  Power uo tp 30 Kilowatts Average / 7 Megawatts Peak
•  This is a small selection of our waveguide component range

We can cross reference to virtually any competitor, usually with better performance

Waveguide Loads and Terminiations

RLWLOAD-2.845-2.866-WR284-6KW-CW-7MW-Pk-o Waveguide Liquid / Water Load, 2.845 GHz to 2.866 GHz, WR284 Package, 6 Kilowatts Average, 7 Megawatts Peak Power
RLOAD-2.846-2.866-WR284-CPRF-30KW-Avg-7MW-Pk-h13 Waveguide Load, 2.846 GHz to 2.866 GHz, WR284 Package, CPRF Flange, 30 Kilowatts Average, 7 Megawatts Peak Power
RLOAD-5.85-7.00-WR137-3.5KW-CW-b Waveguide Load, 5.85 GHz to 7.00 GHz, WR137 Package, 3.5 Kilowatts, Water Cooling
RLOAD-8.2-12.4-WR90-FBP100-600W-20kW-PK-a21 Waveguide Load, 8.2 GHz to 12.4 GHz, WR90 / FBP100 Package, 600 Watts, 20 Kiloawatts Peak Power
RLOAD-9-10-WR90-600W-20kW-Peak-j9 Waveguide Load, 9 GHz to 10 GHz, WR90 Package, 600 Watts, 20 Kiloawatts Peak Power
RLOAD-12.4-18.0-WR62-FBM140-1kW-CW-a21 Waveguide Load, 12.4 GHz to 18.0 GHz, WR62 Package, FBM140 Flange, 1 Kilowatt CW
RLOAD-32-38-WR28-192W-Avg-1200W-Pk-b Waveguide Load, 32-38 GHz, WR28 Package, 192 Watts Average, 1200 Watts Peak Power
RLOAD-75-110-W10-UG387-UM-10W-CW-2kW-Pk-a21 Waveguide Load, 75 GHz to 110 GHz, WR10 Package, FUGP900 (UG387/UM) Flange, 10 Watts CW, 2 Kilowatts Peak
RTERM-5.815-7.235-WR137-6kW-CW-Family-o4 Waveguide Termination, 5.85 GHz to 7.235 GHz, Split Bands, WR137 Package, 6 Kilowatts CW
RTERM- 5.85-8.20-WR137-CPRG137-3KW-710KW-Pk-h6 Waveguide Termination, 5.85 GHz to 8.20 GHz, WR137 Package, CPRG137 Flange, 3 Kilowatts Average, 710 Kilowatts Peak Power
RTERM-6.57-9.99-WR112-CPRF112-5KW-a21 Waveguide Termination, 6.57 GHz to 9.99 GHz, WR112 Package, CPRF112 Flange, 5 Kilowatts CW Max
RTERM-18-40-WR180-200W-CW-k4 Waveguide Termination, 18.0 GHz to 40.0 GHz, WR180 Package, 200 Watts CW