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Waveguide Components Waveguide Rigid Sections

We offer the widest range and best performance in the world, extremely aggressive pricing structure.

•  Various Waveguide Components From 1.2 GHz to 120 GHz, WR430 to WR10
•  Full Band Operation, Narrow Band to Multi-Octave
•  Waveguide Extrusion / Tubing, Waveguide Tubing, Precision Cold Drawn, Rigid Rectangular and Double Ridged, Close Tolerance.to Mil-DTL-85K Includes customized tubing for various other applications, thin wall tubing to tolerances of plus or minus one-thousandth of an inch, materials such as aluminum, copper and bronze waveguide tube as well as invar, stainless steel, and coin silver waveguide tubing. brass and beryllium copper flexible waveguide.
•  Waveguide Sections
•  Waveguide Bends
•  Waveguide Transitions / Tapers
•  Metal and Mostly Rigid Structures
•  Lowest Loss Transmission Line Types
•  Highly Preferred for High Frequency Applications
•  Most Waveguide Interior Surfaces are Plated with Copper, Silver, or Gold
•  This is a small selection of our waveguide component range

We can cross reference to virtually any competitor, usually with better performance

Waveguide Extrusion / Tubing w/o Flanges

RWET-2.60-3.95-WR112-284-Family-c17 Waveguide Extrusion / Tubing 2.60-3.95 GHz, WR112, WR137 and WR284 Packages
RWET-K1-610mm-Fin-R2-e5 Waveguide Extrusion / Tubing with fins, 610mm length

Waveguide Sections with Flanges

RWG-1.12-1.70-WR650-300mm-h13 Waveguide Section,, L Band, 1.12-1.70 GHz, WR650 package, 300mm Length, Customer Special
RWS-TWIST-8.2-12.4-WR90-UBR100-90-deg-140mm-e5 Waveguide Section, Precision Twist Waveguide, 8.2-12.4 GHz, WR90, UBR100-PBR100 Flange, 90 degree angle, 140mm Length
RWS-10-15-WR75-1.5kW-3M-j21 Waveguide Section, 10-15 GHz, WR75 Package, Power Handling 1.5 Kilowatts, Up to 3 Meters Length
RWS-26.5-40.0-WR28-UG599U-length-x Waveguide Straight Section, 26.5-40.0 GHz, WR28 Package, UG599/U Flange, Custom Length
RWS-TWIST-26.5-40.0-WR28-UG599U-length-e5 Waveguide Section, Twist, 26.5-40.0 GHz, WR28 Package, UG599/U Flange, Custom Length

Waveguide Bends

RWB-2.4-3.1-WR340-CPR340F-90deg-E-e5 Waveguide Bend, 2.4-3.1 GHz, WR340 Package, CPR340F Flange, 90° Bend, E Plane
RWB-8.2-12.5-WR90-FBP100-90deg-E-a21 Waveguide Bend, 8.2-12.5 GHz, WR90 Package, FBP100 Flange, 90° Bend Angle, E Plane
RWB-10-15-WR75-PBR120-UBR120-90deg-H-o15 Waveguide Bend, 10-15 GHz, WR75 Package, PBR120 to UBR120 Flange, 90° Bend Angle, H Plane
RWB-10-15-WR75-90deg-EorH-e5.pdf Waveguide Bend, 10-15GHz, WR75 Package, 90° Bend Angle, E or H Plane

Waveguide Transitions / Tapers

RWTT-8.2-33.0-WRDx-WRx-150-500W-Family-e5 Waveguide Taper Transition, 8.2-33.0 GHz, Split Bands, WRD34-750 From to WR28-90, 150 to 150 Watts, Custom Length