What is Satcom Modem? – How DVB-S2 Works?

A Satellite Communication (Satcom) Modem or satmodem is a Modulator and Demodulator used for data transfers through a satellite. Models range from basic devices for internet access to complex and multifunctional equipment for commercial use, different types of satellite modems are available.

The main function of modulator-demodulator or modem is to transform an input bit-stream to radio signal. Some devices consist of just a demodulator (without modulator so it only allows downloading data through satellite). These modems are also called Satcom modem. Some models use an ADSL modem or PSTN modem, such devices find their use in satellite access.

What is DVB-S2?

The second generation DVB-S2 Modulator is used mainly for Digital Video Broadcasting. It supports military and commercial systems, such as WINDS, IPSTAR, and TSAT. These custom modems provide the data transfer rate from 4 Mbps to 1500 Mbps and can operate in Ku-band, C-band, and Ka-band.

How it Works?

DVB-S2 modem is a complex digital, high-speed modem with higher order modulation and LDPC-based/turbo codes and has a theoretical implementation loss of up to 0.5 dB. It operates with 1/2 code QPSK code and 0.35 dB of theory running at 50 Msymbols/second.

It is optimized for low weight, size, and power applications. Several distinct modems or subsystems have been developed to exceed the rate of 300 Mbps through LDPC-based/turbo FEC.

DVB-S2 Mini-Receiver Decoder

The DVB-S2 Mini-Receiver is an amazing satellite communication modem, which gets the most of the bandwidth and power efficiencies as per the DVB-S2 waveform standard. The low SWaP of the receiver makes it a perfect choice for small form factor and transportable satellite terminals. This way, the deployed machines can easily access the core GIG (Global Information Grid) services on the move.

HI-BEAM Transceiver

The Highly Integrated BEAM or Bandwidth Efficient Advanced Modulation is the 2-way modem, which provides standards-based, high-speed communication in low SWaP package. It can easily conduct outdoor operations with small environmental protection or control. This modem has been designed completely to operate on littoral buoys, ground vehicles, fixed towers, and masts, along with fixed-wing helicopters and propeller aircrafts.

SatCom Networking –Superfast Modems for Land, Air and Sea

Soldiers and commanders have to disseminate and share information across the military forces. This is the reason why SATCOM Modems and C41 platforms serve as a high-capacity, high-speed, tactical networking platform to reach all the corners of battlefield.

The networks are powered like US Air Force’s GBS, US Army’s WIN-T, NATO SGS, DISA Teleports, and even more, with huge range of SATCOM Technologies and networking topologies.

With NATO and DoD Mil-Std designations, Satcom modem has set the de facto standards for great capacity, bandwidth efficiency, performance and security. It ensures communications on the move and at the halt.