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Satcom Systems Manpack Antenna

We offer the widest range and best performance Antennas in the world, extremely aggressive pricing structure.

•  Carbon fiber antenna: light weight, high precision and high efficiency
•  Corrosion resistant: to ensure normal operation under harsh environment
•  Compact structure: Lightweight, portable, rapid deployment, high performance
•  Easy to install: a person can install within 5 minutes
•  Shippable: in airline baggage
Power supply Options: 100-240V, AC 50-400 Hz / 21-32VDC,  power supply optional with independent power supply system
•  Operation: controller::Works with GPS and inclined angle meter to achieve full auto controlling, ease of operation
•  Fast pointing to satellite: : Within 5 minutes under control of Sat-Finder controller, select required satellite from controller menu
•  Designed: compact and robust
•  Cost-effective: Fast and reliable satellite communications
•  Designed specifically for field use: It quickly transfers high-quality broadband content



Carbon Fiber Man Pack Antenna System 1.2 Meter