We are an RF / Microwave / Wireless Telecom Manufacturer for component, modules and systems.


Waveguide Components Waveguide Flanges

We offer the widest range and best performance in the world, extremely aggressive pricing structure.

•  Various Waveguide Components From 1.2 GHz to 120 GHz, WR430 to WR10
•  Full Band Operation, Narrow Band to Multi-Octave
•  CPRG flanges have a rectangular groove and a rectangular hole pattern
•  CPRF flanges do not have a groove but have a rectangular hole pattern
•  O-Ring flanges have a circular groove and a circular or square hole pattern
•  Plain flanges do not have a groove but have a circular or square hole pattern
•  This is a small selection of our waveguide component range

We can cross reference to virtually any competitor, usually with better performance

Waveguide Flanges

RWF-WR284-D1-p14 Waveguide Flange, WR-284 Package, Stainless Steel
RWF-75-110-WR10-UG387-U-M-e5 Waveguide Flange, 75-110 GHz, WR10 Package, UG387/U-M Flange
RWF-WR28-UG599-UBR-B-e5 Waveguide Flange, WR28 Package, UG599/ UBR, Brass Cover