We are an RF / Microwave / Wireless Telecom Manufacturer for component, modules and systems.

New Product Presentation Components

RADITEK specializes in Design, Development, Manufacturing of Wireless and Microwave Components

Microstrip Isolator and Circulator

Cavity Filters and Diplexers

Stripline Isolators

Ultra Wide Band, 6-18GHz unit has 1.4dB insertion loss(max) and 12dB isolation, 2 Watts CW forward power and 1 Watt Reverse Power

Model shown is a filter designed to meet out of band emissions for 2.3-2.4GHz Wi-Max transmissions

FH Model: 350-625MHz (shown) and FH3 Model 224-331MHz. Up to 40MHz bandwidth. 100, 110 & 200 Watt loads or 20dB / 30dB 100 Watt Attenuator for reverse power monitoring

Lumped Element SMT Isolator

Cryogenic Isolators and Circulators

Wide Band Quadrature Hybrid

5mm and 7mm units with specific frequencies ranging from 800MHz to 2700MHz. Covers all CELL and PCS Bands
RLEI 5 and 7mm

1.35-12GHz, Split Bands, 0.01-4°K, 4-77°K, SMA Connectors, 1 Watt. Model shown is a RADC-4-8Cryo-4-77K-S23-1WR

90 Degree Quadrature Hybrids, 2-18GHz, Split bands, 3.2-3.5dB Coupling, SMA Connectors, 100Watts

Wide Band 2-Way Splitter / Combiner

Variable/Step Attenuator

Waveguide Isolator

2-Way Splitter Combiner, 6-18GHz, SMA Female Connectors, 3Watts Continuous

DC-6GHz, full or split bands, (0-100dB) 1dB step, SMA or N Connector, 2 Watts
RVATTN-DC-6-(0-XdB)1dB step-SMAorN-2W-Generic-h14

Double Junction, WR15, 50.8-59.2GHz, UG385/U Flange, 1Watt Reverse Power