We are an RF / Microwave / Wireless Telecom Manufacturer for component, modules and systems.

Terrestrial Telecom Systems Cellular (600MHz-2400MHz)

•  Superior Performance
•  All Weather Operation
•  CDMA / GSM / PCS / 3G / WLAN
•  Wireless Communication and Data Transmission System
•  Point to Multi Point System
RADITEK TELECOM (Overview of Raditek Telecom M4 Flier)
RANT-D-806-960M-1710-2170M-200W-x18 (Directional Panel Antenna 806-960MHz / 1710-2170MHz 10/12dBi 200 Watts)
RANT-D-806-960M-1710-2700M-200W-x18 (Directional Panel Antenna 806-960MHz / 1710-2700MHz 10/12dBi 200 Watts)
RANT-SECTOR-2.4-2.5-13-17dBi-Nf-20W-t14 (Sector Panel Antenna 2.4-2.5GHz 13/14/16/17dBi 20 Watts)
Omni Directional

(Multiband Microcell Omni Directional Antenna 698-864MHz / 870-960MHz / 1710-1880MHz / 1920-2170MHz / 2200-2500MHz / 2490-2700MHz, 6.5-9.0dBi 50/100 Watts)

RANT-O-806-960M-1710-2170M-100W-x18 (Multiband Microcell Omni Directional Antenna 806-960MHz / 1710-2170MHz 3/5dBi 100 Watts)
RANT-O-806-960M-1710-2500M-100W-x18 (Multiband Microcell Omni Directional Antenna 806-960MHz / 1710-2500MHz 3/5dBi 100 Watts)