Advanced GaN Based SSPA from Raditek

Raditek’s SSPA amplifier GaN (Gallium Nitride) is a compact, lightweight amplifier meant to be used in multiband modems and radios circuitries, either independently for a transmit-only system or in conjunction with other components to form a duplex system.

The most recent solid-state power amplifiers and transistors from Raditek or other sophisticated electronic component manufacturers use gallium nitride, a crucial revolutionary technology that makes it possible for power amplifiers and RF devices to have higher output power at microwave frequencies.

GaN or Gallium Nitride is a semiconductor material that enhances the power density in radio frequency devices without having to increase its size and or weight.

The SSPA amplifier GaN from Raditek is best suited for applications and systems that demand the highest radio frequency power density, such as active antenna arrays and similar devices.

The solid-state amplifiers made by Raditek using GaN are found to be very effective for systems that use X and Ku, bands.

Our experts created a GaN-based SSPA using the power summation principle, which enables minimal functionality even if a sizable portion of it is damaged and therefore is preferred over TWTAs.

We offer the most recent GaAs-based amplifiers for low and medium power stages, while our GaN semiconductor-based amplifiers are chosen over competing products for high power stages.

For full details, see the Raditek website.