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Drop in Isolator Offers Frequency Isolation Par Excellence

Looking out for Isolators drop in that propagates RF or microwave signals with the negligible loss in its amplitude?

Raditek sells top-of-the-line drop-in isolators that eliminate the problem of interfering RF frequencies.

The drop-in isolators that we offer are configured with stripline or microstrip circuitry-based tab / pad-leads. These are manufactured with quality ferrite material that can withstand high thermal variance from -50°C to +100°C which facilitates the stability of its magnetic field which is essential to block frequency interference.

Our isolators offer excellent phase match, counterclockwise rotation, and high reverse power transmission capabilities, with accurate intermodulation.

Raditek’s drop-ins are designed to operate in all frequency ranges and hence are used for defense communication systems, cellular applications, and other similar gadgets and equipment/applications.

We offer drop-in isolators in different shapes, sizes as per the needed topology of a system that covers the frequency range from 200 MHz to 40 GHz. We can offer a drop-in as small as 6mm, should the client need it.

Raditek’s drop-ins emit the bare minimum of electromagnetic radiation, which prevents its frequencies from infiltrating other devices/systems while also blocking any spurious signals that may exist in the application environment.

Raditek’s components are popular for their functionality, durability, and dependability.

Full details can be found at the RADITEK website.

Benchmark High Power Couplers from Raditek

High Power couplers from Raditek are state-of-the-art components, used mostly in the field of radio technology.

Its function in an electronic system is to couple a calibrated amount of energy-electromagnetic power in transmission lines connected to various designated ports, allowing the signal to be utilized in the circuits concerned.

High power couplers are an interface, a connecting part between the radio frequency transmission line and RF cavity (the resonator) and the particle beam.

Raditek designs, uni-directional, bi-directional, and dual-directional high power couplers, also known as “high PC”, are used in narrow as well as broadband applications that deal with the frequency range of 1MHz to 10 GHz.

We at Raditek also offer to customize high PC as per the design parameters of a system or an application.

We market high PC in standard values with tolerance as minuscule as +/-1 dB, and these components are known for the lowest insertion loss across RF bands. It is also regarded as an industry benchmark for coupling flatness @ +/- 1 dB or lower and maintains the best VSW ratio across its operating range.

Raditek’s high-power couplers are backed up by excellent customer service, and all of this–for a very reasonable price.

Incorporate these in your applications/systems and you have fixed issues related to power couplers.

Full details can be found at the RADITEK website.

High Power Combiners and Splitters – RF Match – Makers

Raditek‘s High Power Combiners are cutting-edge devices designed to provide RF/Microwave output signals while maintaining the input impedance properties, resulting in outstanding amplitude and phase balance, high power handling capacity, and high isolation levels.

These ultra-modern power combiners are well-suited for all wireless band frequencies including narrow bands to octave and multi-octave bandwidths.

And all these features come packed in rugged casings of various types including the surface-mount and drop-in models that are hi highly suited for any indoor and outdoor applications.

High power couplers from Raditek are state-of-the-art components that demonstrate low insertion loss and a coupling flatness of +/- 1dB or even less. It offers a mainline VSWR of 1.2:1 or even better across its operating frequency range.

These couplers are designed for low PIM and are aptly suitable for sub-MHz to 20 GHz in standard octave and multi-octave band applications.

Raditek offers both high-power splitters and high-power combiners in 2-way and up to 32-way variants with standard SMA or N-type female connections on the coupled ports, as well as unique designs to fit clients’ needs.

Raditek also offers quadrature hybrid variants to meet the customer’s specific system circuitry requirements.

So, go ahead and select the ones that are suited for your circuit design parameters.

Full details can be found at the RADITEK website.

Rubidium Oscillators – Synonym for Consistent Sine Wave

Rubidium Oscillators manufactured by reputed companies like Raditek are a type of atomic clock that are the most accurate time standard known as of now.

And therefore, are predominantly used in time distribution services to regulate telecommunication infrastructures, Television broadcasts, and global positioning satellite system-the GPS.

Normal OCXOs are prone to frequency drift, and as a result, frequency pulses may run faster or slower than the precise pulse speed, resulting in inconsistent Sine Waves that can cause time-related applications and systems to provide inaccurate output.

To eliminate this risk, OCXOs are connected to a rubidium physics package via a PLL circuit that continuously analyses and matches the crystal oscillator frequency to the precision of the rubidium atom in order to produce the most precise frequency output.

Moreover, rubidium oscillators from Raditek demonstrate exemplary operating stability in the temperatures range of -30°c to +60°c which the traditional oscillators cannot provide.

Raditek offers 2 types of rubidium oscillatorsPrecision rubidium oscillator and Low phase noise rubidium oscillator.

Its precision rubidium oscillator is ideal for telecom networks and measuring devices, while the low phase rubidium oscillator is ideal for CDMA, WiMAX, and LTE base stations.

Raditek Rubidium oscillators provide outstanding performance and have a working life of 100K hours.

Full details can be found at the RADITEK website.

Component That Blocks Intermingling of Frequencies

Isolators drop in or drop-in isolators are used to protect, shield and set apart one microwave device from the other. It isolates radio waves/microwaves inadvertent mismatch or variation that may be caused during loading times.

Drop-in isolators are based on microstrip or stripline technology and have tab leads to aid interconnections and as a result, can be “dropped in” into a radio frequency or a microwave circuity and can be readily incorporated into relevant systems and applications.

Drop-in isolators from Raditek are made using non-reciprocal materials like ferrites biased by a static magnetic field. Isolators built of non-reciprocal material work optimally throughout a wide spectrum of thermal ranges, from -50°C to +100°C, and provide improved magnetic field stability in these settings.

Our off-the-shelf, state-of-the-art drop-in isolators are the integral component used in wireless communication systems, gadgets, and devices used by commercial and military sectors.

However, for all radio wave and microwave bandwidths ranging from 200 MHz to 40 GHz we also offer custom isolators drop in that are curated according to the client’s specifications and system topography

Raditek provides drop in isolators of varied shapes and sizes, some even as small as 5mm to your circuitry requirements with super resonance absorbance capacities, field displacement, and terminated circulator. Full details can be found on the Raditek website.

Pioneering Power Coupler

High power couplers from Raditek forms a part of essential devices used predominantly in the field of radio technology. It is the most essential connecting part between RF transmission line and RF cavity and also provides vacuum barrier to beam vacuum.

We are able to achieve low insertion loss and coupling flatness of +/- 1 dB using our precision configuration procedures which also helps the couplers to yield a VSWR of 1.2:1 over the whole operational frequency range.

The very nature of Power couplers (PC) usage needs PCs to handle multiple functions, designing the same is complex. However, our expert electronic and mechanical engineers ensure that this product delivers precise output as specified by the relevant system/application.

High power couplers are configured as single or dual directional formats which are designed for high-power operations in both, narrow and broadband categories that handle a frequency range from 1MHz to 10 GHz. Further, capacities and structural configurations can also be customized.

Furthermore, our PCs offer low passive distortions in standard and multi-octave bands.

We offer outstanding PCs in all the three basic models: unidirectional, bidirectional, dual directional, coaxial waveguides and various specific combinations.

Raditek uses cutting-edge PC components to improve the overall performance of their embedding systems and applications, thus ensuring the delivery of calibrated output requirement. Full details can be found on the Raditek website.

Amplifier – The Integral Part of a Microwave System

Microwave amplifiers designed by our engineers at Raditek are state-of-the-art devices that offer ultra-high linearity, unique form factor, high energy efficiency, and a simple front panel for operations.

Microwave amplifiers designed by us meet the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing standards that cover a wide frequency range from kHz up to GHz.

Amps designed by our engineers prevent distortions in the spectral composition of the waveform, yields high gain and excellent linearity, and check the further deterioration of the signal-to-noise ratio.

And therefore, our amplifiers are categorized as class “A” amplifiers, the best of class in the amplifier market.

Due to their versatility, and adaptability, these class “A” microwave amplifiers are an appropriate and relevant choice for RF communications, electronic warfare, and radar communications.

Our microwave amps employ the most up-to-date GaAs (Gallium Arsenide) or GaN (Gallium Nitride) transistor technology for improved performance across the board.

When compared to silicon-based transistors, GaAs and GaN transistors perform well over a wide frequency range, making them ideal for MMICs and GaN HEMTs.

Apart from commercial and military uses, our microwave amplifiers are also extensively applied in ultra-specific systems and applications such as uplink towers, GPS, Medical devices and nuclear accelerators.

Raditek‘s Microwave Amplifiers are considered the best in the industry for any application. Full details can be found on the Raditek website.

Combiners That Deliver Calibrated Output

State-of-the-art high power combiners from Raditek are among the best in the industry.

We are privy to this reputation based on the performance integrity of the combiners manufactured by us.

Advanced combiners manufactured by us are known for their performance integrity at all times, for all frequency and power grades. Different narrow band to multi-octave RF inputs that are combined at the output end carry their individual input impedance characteristics.

Another distinctive feature of high power combiners from this ISO 9000 company is that it offers excellent amplitude and phase balance, efficient high power handling, supreme isolation levels. Moreover, this peerless component comes in a rugged encasement/housing that can withstand its operational environment.

Our High power combiners come in multiple configurations including the popular 2-way and 4-way, up to 32-way configurations. They are designed to deliver calibrated high power and function in a broad plus-temperature range.

This component’s adaptability qualifies it for usage in high-power RF and microwave systems in radars, communication, electronic warfare, ATC systems, and other scientific applications.

The latest high-power combiners provide low loss and VSW ratios, great port-to-port isolation, and a variety of installation options.

High-power combiners are key components in fast-evolving RF and microwave systems that utilize multi-way high-power inputs for military, commercial, and scientific applications. Full details can be found on the Raditek website.

Drop-In Isolator – An Integral Stability Component

Isolators drop in or drop-in isolators, as they are normally referred to are basically used to protect other RF components in the circuitry from the excessive signal reflection that can adversely affect the performance of a system/application.  

These are predominantly used in wireless communications systems, military gadgets, applications and systems, and the cellular communication industry.

Drop-in isolators are off-the-shelf devices that come in a variety of sizes, configurations, and frequency bandwidths and can be plugged into most communications systems right away.

Raditek, on the other hand, will also provide customized isolators drop in units, if necessary, to meet the circuitry requirements of certain applications.

A Raditek Drop-in isolator is comprised of high-quality materials, such as excellent ferrite material, to ensure optimum performance over a wide temperature range.

This component has been designed and conditioned to work in the -40°C to +70°C temperature range. This ensures that the magnetic field remains stable and does not fluctuate with temperature.

Raditek also provides a variety of narrow and broad bandwidth RF and microwave isolators in drop-in designs in the frequency range of 200 MHz to 40 GHz.

Moreover, other features like phase matching, intermodulation specifications, and reverse power flowability can also be configured in the isolator on specific requests by the clients.

See the Raditek inc. website for full details.

Power Coupler – An Astute Device

All coupling devices have the same basic function: to transmit power, accommodate misalignments, and adjust for axial movements.

High power couplers are electronic devices that transfer calibrated electromagnetic power from a transmission line to a port, allowing it to be used in another circuit while compensating for any misalignments or axial movements.

Power couplers are passive devices and are mostly used in RF applications/systems for sampling signals, signal injection and generation, measure incident or reflected power to determine VSWR.

This component is also an important part of any hi-tech microwave systems like radars, wireless communication and telecommunications, field testing equipment, medical equipment, and DTH equipment.

There are different types of high power couplers used for system-specific applications and they are: Transmission coupler, Branch line coupler, Lange coupler, Hybrid coupler and Wave-guide coupler

Transmission line couplers keep electromagnetic waves from modifying and altering the impendence.

Branch line couplers are used in a single antenna transmitter/receiver system.

Lange couplers-A 4-port interdigitated structure used as power combiners, splitters in RF amplifiers and as well as in mixers and modulators.

Hybrid couplers perform many functions like splitting/combining signals, switching circuits, etc.

And waveguide couplers are used typically in testing and monitoring gadgets/equipment.

For narrowband, multi-octave range, and broadband applications, Raditek has a wide selection of couplers.

See the Raditek inc. website for full details.