Block Upconverter and Its Types

Engineers strive hard to enhance the performance of any system. An ideal system according to users is something that requires less input and maintenance while delivering optimal performance. The performance of any system depends on many small elements and Block Up Converters are one of them.

Block Upconverter is abbreviated as ‘BUC.’ It is the combination of an Up Converter and Power Amplifier. It amplifies the frequency and power of a input L band signal. Commonly it is used for VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) applications.

Four commercial Types of Block Upconverters are

• C-Band BUC

• Ku-Band BUC

• X-Band BUC

• Ka-Band BUC

Each type represents a collection of frequencies which distinguishes the set of data. It converts the low digital L Band frequencies that represent data into microwave frequencies to enable data to travel long distances to reach satellites in geostationary earth’s orbit without letting the quality of data loss.

One use of a BUC enables people to use the internet effectively and enjoy watching television without any deterioration in the quality of visuals and audios. You should choose a Block Up Converter that offers easy installation along with excellent control and monitoring options.

You should also check the capability of the device to withstand external environmental factors like atmospheric humidity and temperature. The equipment should also have easy integration options like with the satellite antenna for enhanced performance.

Based on types and many other variants you can find a wide range of Block Upconverters at the Raditek website.