Block Upconverter Explained

A Block Upconverter or BUC is used in both Commercial and Military Markets for transferring data a from a ground-based unit to a satellite and then redirect to another ground-based unit. It makes the BUC an essential device for communication broadcast systems like the Internet, television as well as for weather systems. It is a most used device for government agencies as it is perfect at long distance communications.

Block Up Converter uses phase-locked loop local oscillators and optionally uses an external frequency of 10 MHz to maintain the correct transmitted frequency. It converts frequencies from L-band to any of the required bands like S, C, X Ku and Ka band.

There are two other separate bands consisting of electromagnetic waves. These two bands are 40 – 60 GHz for tracking, 1 – 2 GHz for communication.

C band is used for long-distance communications like TV and Internet broadcasting systems. Various bands are used in radars including Ku-band referring to the frequencies under the K band and Ka-band refers to the frequencies above K band.

You can find a wide range of types and variants of Block Up Converter on the Raditek web site Read the description carefully before ordering the product and you can also contact 1-408-266-7404 in case of any colarification. You must ensure ordering a high-quality Block Upconverter to ensure desired efficiency and longevity of your satcom communication.