Combiners That Deliver Calibrated Output

State-of-the-art high power combiners from Raditek are among the best in the industry.

We are privy to this reputation based on the performance integrity of the combiners manufactured by us.

Advanced combiners manufactured by us are known for their performance integrity at all times, for all frequency and power grades. Different narrow band to multi-octave RF inputs that are combined at the output end carry their individual input impedance characteristics.

Another distinctive feature of high power combiners from this ISO 9000 company is that it offers excellent amplitude and phase balance, efficient high power handling, supreme isolation levels. Moreover, this peerless component comes in a rugged encasement/housing that can withstand its operational environment.

Our High power combiners come in multiple configurations including the popular 2-way and 4-way, up to 32-way configurations. They are designed to deliver calibrated high power and function in a broad plus-temperature range.

This component’s adaptability qualifies it for usage in high-power RF and microwave systems in radars, communication, electronic warfare, ATC systems, and other scientific applications.

The latest high-power combiners provide low loss and VSW ratios, great port-to-port isolation, and a variety of installation options.

High-power combiners are key components in fast-evolving RF and microwave systems that utilize multi-way high-power inputs for military, commercial, and scientific applications. Full details can be found on the Raditek website.