Congenial Coupler

Coupler coaxial is a very basic microwave device used in almost all the microwave applications and systems. It is widely used in the telecommunication sector, test gadgets, instruments and in commercial applications like medium-power transmitters, aerospace industry and military communication systems.

While the splitter degrades signals (3dB), coupler coaxial, on the other hand dissipates it to the extent of only 0.5dB.

There are different types of coaxial couplers BNC, MCX, N-type, F-type, SMT, UHF, TNC-SMC, and a few other N-types which are high-performance couplers used in multiple applications mentioned above.

Electronic engineers across the global are replacing the bulky cable assemblies with the simple board to board coupler coaxial that can handle the power load of 100w which reduces the weight and space utilized.

These days, micro coaxial couplers are available for various applications which are suitable for 10GHz and are 30% smaller in size to their predecessors.

Then there are directional coaxial couplers that are suitable to cover frequency bands from 0.25-40.0 GHz in multi-octave and octave band configurations.

In addition to the above types of coaxial couplers there are coaxial waveguide couplers, Ka and Ku Band coaxial couplers.

In certain applications, it becomes necessary to connect the transmission lines coming from the coupler coaxial to strip transmission lines. For this purpose, advanced coaxial couplers and connectors are now available which compensate for the impedance mismatch and phase shift.

Such an adaptable convertibility allows for interchangeability of couplers and connectors for further tasks without disconnecting the lines.

See the Raditek website.