Pioneering Power Coupler

High power couplers from Raditek forms a part of essential devices used predominantly in the field of radio technology. It is the most essential connecting part between RF transmission line and RF cavity and also provides vacuum barrier to beam vacuum.

We are able to achieve low insertion loss and coupling flatness of +/- 1 dB using our precision configuration procedures which also helps the couplers to yield a VSWR of 1.2:1 over the whole operational frequency range.

The very nature of Power couplers (PC) usage needs PCs to handle multiple functions, designing the same is complex. However, our expert electronic and mechanical engineers ensure that this product delivers precise output as specified by the relevant system/application.

High power couplers are configured as single or dual directional formats which are designed for high-power operations in both, narrow and broadband categories that handle a frequency range from 1MHz to 10 GHz. Further, capacities and structural configurations can also be customized.

Furthermore, our PCs offer low passive distortions in standard and multi-octave bands.

We offer outstanding PCs in all the three basic models: unidirectional, bidirectional, dual directional, coaxial waveguides and various specific combinations.

Raditek uses cutting-edge PC components to improve the overall performance of their embedding systems and applications, thus ensuring the delivery of calibrated output requirement. Full details can be found on the Raditek website.