Raditek – Where Quality Beckons

Raditek is a trusted electronic brand name for components, appliances, and equipment used in the global wireless and microwave telecommunication applications.

Raditek came into existence in1993 and with a clear focus on quality products, continuous innovations, and applications the based approach has yielded them high performing and durable products looked up to by the telecommunication industry.

Never judge Raditek products basis its lower price.  It is their core engineering competencies that enable this company to offer unmatched quality components and equipment at a lower price.

Raditek works to ISO 9000 standard.

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Raditek’s several R&D facilities focus on “out of the box research” where top-notch scientists and engineers pool in their expertise to spearhead high-end breakthrough telecom components and equipment used in applications like satellite ground stations, TV/ Radio transmitters, and high-end navigation systems.

Raditek also specializes in advanced FPGA-field programmable gate array-systems. Its products have a global presence leveraged through a robust network of distributors and integrators.

It enjoys the reputation of being “The designated supplier” to the US armed forces for its national and overseas operations.

Its products enjoy unprecedented acceptance and customer loyalty.